Brussels Biker Boys outtake #1: People

The first time I came to hear about the Kamikaze Riders, Brussels’ most notorious and infamous biker squad, was at a friend’s wedding about ten years ago. The religious ceremony had ended, and we had all set off in our cars to the wedding party venue. The moment the procession begun, a duo of quad motorbikes and a squad of two-wheelers materialized at the front, leading the way for the 30-odd cars navigating their way through the city, horns honking and all (it was a Muslim wedding ;-)). On our way from Boitsforts to Laeken, the procession came to a sudden halt on the Viaduc Reyers and we all got out of our cars and started dancing, right there in the middle of one of Brussels’ major arteries. Keeping the traffic held up for the procession on both sides of the Viaduc was yours truly, the Kamikaze Riders, an unruly bunch of free-wheeling die-hard tricksters. The scene was nothing short of surreal.

This portfolio is the first of a series of four outtakes from our latest issue, the Fourth Quarter Edition. Order it here.




Morjian ©David Widart


Younix ©David Widart


Unknown ©David Widart


Otiman ©David Widart


 Jean-François ©David Widart


Unknown ©David Widart


Souhail ©David Widart


Saïd ©David Widart