Picture this: A five course meal served by a two-starred chef in an ultra-white, ultra-modern, ultra-Swedish structure, located 45 meters above the ground. We couldn’t help but accept the invitation (despite a paralyzing fear of heights) to have lunch in The Cube, a concept-restaurant introduced by home appliance giant Electrolux.

And even though it’s the kind of concept that has New York, Tokyo or Dubai plastered all over it, Electrolux, rather strangely, picked our humble capital as the starting point for The Cube’s itinerating route, which will see it set foot in Stockholm, Moscow and Zurich during the coming year. For the moment though, it can be spotted towering atop the Cinquantenaire/Jubbelpark’s triumphal arch, where it will remain for three months.

Playing the cutting-edge tech card to the fullest, each guest is greeted with a shiny new white iPad 2 and encouraged to take pictures of the panoramic view. Using the classic “table d’hôte” concept, all 18 guests are seated at the same table, encouraged to mingled and interact. L’Air du Temps’ innovative chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre cheerfully shares his passion and knowledge of local products and herbs with anecdotes, poetry and even forest sounds recordings playing in the background, and with each step of the meal explained and detailed, the average length of a lunch/dinner (three hours) go by in a flash. Haute cuisine then, in its most literal meaning.

The Cube by Electrolux
In Brussels until 3rd July
Booking can be made online here