15 things to do in Belgium this weekend

Contemporary art’s beating pulse in Brussels, post-punk mysticism in Antwerp and funk galore in Leuven. Go do the right thing.

Thursday 25th January – Monday 21st May: Soviet Design: Red Wealth at ADAM, Brussels

Up for getting your knees deep in historical wealth? Head to ADAM, which in collaboration with the Moscow Design Museum has compiled a mighty selection of objects and graphics from the Soviet era. Start the weekend right.

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Thursday 25th January – Saturday 17th March: Dodi Espinosa at Trampoline, Antwerp

Bringing revolutionary visual poems to the table, Mexican artist Dodi Espinosa crosses unchartered cultural territory, exploring the unconscious through mythology, philosophy and history. See you there.

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Friday 26th January – Sunday 18th February: Watching You, Watching Me at BOZAR, Brussels

Surveillance and the politics of watching are subjects of BOZAR LAB’s latest mind-boggling exhibition. From documentary to conceptual practice, appropriation to street art, ten artists take you on a baffling journey on what is seemingly present and absent at the same time. An eye-opening opportunity.

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Friday 26th January: Mind Warp invites David Vunk at STUK, Leuven

Get ready for a night full of surprises. STUKcafé is back at it again with a jam-packed evening, from gripping documentary screenings by Italo Disco Legacy to headlining David Vunk and Leuven’s home-grown Mind Warp DJs. Get your glad rags on.

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Friday 26th January – 24th February: Festival Pays de Danses at Théâtre de Liège, Liège

Théâtre de Liège bursts with all manners of performance talents, none the least a powerful première of Via Kanana fit to commence the official launch of the Festival Pays de Danses. One of our generation’s leading talents, the Johannesburg native choreographer Gregory Maqoma leads the famous Via Katlehong Dance Company, a direct product of South Africa’s culture of rebellion. Punchy, defiant and all-in-all not to be missed.

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Friday 26th January: Actionnaires #23 – Goûte Mes Disques at Atelier 210, Brussels

Atelier 210’s weekend bash takes on floor kraut music with a hint of punk and psych. This charming venue invites the beautiful souls Zombie Zombie and Capelo on its stage to kick off the 23rd soirée hosted by local music webzine Goûte Mes Disques with extra spice. Friday’s are for dancing.

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Friday 26th January: Broke #12 – Peje & Oswald at Café AperO, Leuven

For the fans of Jazz, soul, disco and boogie, Café AperO cannot offer more deliciousness. Fabulous Peje & Oswald Moris celebrate the start of their monthly radio show for the Word Radio. A-town, go show some love.

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Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th January: downtownbrussels.art in Brussels

Art lovers rejoice! downtownbrussels.art launch a jam-packed opening weekend with hordes of contemporary art exhibitions scattered around the capital’s galleries, museums and cultural institutions. Waiting impatiently.

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Saturday 27th January: To Name Herstory at Arca Theater, Gent

What a need for theatre to voice the stories of those who need to be heard the most. This weekend brings New York-born Kathy Acker to the stage: mystic, pornographer, poet and a powerful presence in the ’80s post-punk movement. An all-round fulfilling experience.

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Saturday 27th January – Sunday 4th February: BRAFA Art Fair BXL 2018 at Tour & Taxi, Brussels

Pick up a brand new trinket at one of the world’s most prestigious art fairs: BRAFA presents an extravaganza of fine art and unmissable antiques of the most impeccable quality. Stellar and altogether dazzling – treat yourselves.

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Saturday 27th January: Ibrahim Mahama – On Monumental Silences at Extra City, Antwerp

The relics of our blood-drenched history standing in our cities are oft ignored as we walk past them every day. Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama shines a stark spotlight on the racist and colonialist monuments embedded into the Belgian urban landscape. A thought-provoking programme featuring talks by Sara Weyns and Bambi Ceupens. A must-see for future change-makers.

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Saturday 27th January – Sunday 22 April: Faraway / Nearby at ARGOS, Brussels

Who hasn’t made a peculiar encounter on a train, supermarket or some other place wholly unexpected? 12 artists take you on a surprising road to discover the perplexities of destiny, proximity, distance and communication. Embracing disbelief.

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Saturday 27th January: Plein Sud 1 Year Anniversary at Kumiko, Brussels

Plein Sud has got this weekend’s plans covered, rightfully celebrating their one year anniversary with the likes of London-based crew Customs alongside the house, techno, synth pop and krautrock sounds of the Austrian Heaps. Go show them some love.

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Sunday 28th January – 17th March: Daisuke Yokota – Taratine at Stieglitz19, Antwerp

A feast for the senses, Daisuke Yokota’s photographic masterpieces keep your eyes hungry for more. Capturing the taratine gingko trees found in Japan’s Aoyama prefecture, this is a textural delight of cracks, blisters and generally the photographic depth for tactility. Well worth a visit.

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Sunday 28th January: The Sound of the Belgian Underground 2018 at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels

Ain’t no party like an underground party. Subbacultcha will scratch your itch with ten fabulous acts including AIR LQD, Le 77, Golin and Sale Gosse. End the weekend right.

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