15 things to do in Belgium this weekend

Mineral unearthing in Leuven, queer love in Ghent and visual art crossovers in Liège. Go do the right thing.

Tuesday 13th February – Thursday 1st March: Artefact 2018 at STUK, Leuven

Looking beneath the surface with a geologically-focused bonanza, digging below the earth’s crust from an interdisciplinary and exciting perspective. This year’s edition This Rare Earth – held at Leuven’s powerhouse centre STUK – includes all creative elaborations from Ilana Halperin’s geothermal inspired masterpieces, to the social and political challenges facing today’s explorers. Start the weekend right.

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Thursday 15th February: Friction Building by Anne Reijniers at Extra City, Antwerp

There’s no time like the present to start learning more about postcolonialism, and thankfully De Imagerie‘s Anne ReijniersFriction Building features some of the most pertinent films you need to see. From Andrés Padilla Domene’s grappling with Mayan cultural identity straight to the streets of Kinshasa and their colonial monuments under scrutiny, education is key.

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Thursday 15th February – Saturday 31st March: Thomas Struth at Galerie Greta Meert, Brussels

No one captures contemporary life like the Berlin-based artist Thomas Struth, and his latest exhibition is no exception, with large-scale works drawing inspiration from technology, animal life and death, and monochromatic photography. You have to see it to believe it.

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Thursday 15th February: X-Ray Girls Like Us at KASKcinema, Gent

Free-thinking people come one, come all: Girls Like Us is back and championing female expression, focalising on three powerful films by three influential directors. From The Boy Mechanic‘s historicisation of Californian lesbian bars to documenting the fierce unpredictability of the Mexian LGBTQI community. Treat yourself.

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Thursday 15th February: Welcome to Iran at BOZAR, Brussels

Iranian history has long been represented through an Orientalist lens – here BOZAR hands over the mic to Iranion creators themselves to dive head-first into much-needed fresh perspectives. From the timeless tale of youth entanglement to exploring the relationship between a university professor, MH370 and quantum physics. One thing’s for sure, the exuberant energy will have your bursting at the seams. Not to be missed.

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Friday 16th February: NiXiE’s at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Avant-garde music lovers rejoice: NiXiE and Beursschouwburg‘s well-loved collaboration is back for another jam-packed evening. Mystical is the word, with the likes of Warsaw-based musician Piotr Kurek’s signature style that will make your ears hum, and homegrown magic courtesy of Orphan Fairytale. Fridays are for dancing.

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Friday 16th February: OWP w/ DJ Sotofett at RECYCLART, Brussels

First come, first serve. Don’t sleep on the chance to see Norwegian power-force DJ Sotofett in action, lifelong lover of the underground scene and mysterious. Guaranteed sore feet.

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Friday 16th February: Kowboys and Indians – Dekmantel Soundsystem at Kompass, Gent

Missed V-Day this year? No worries, Kompass have got you covered, promising to help you celebrate love in all its messiness and vulnerability. From instant attraction to deeper connection, whilst giving real meaning to the cliché “love conquers all”. What are you waiting for?

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Friday 16th February: BM04 Release Party at Chez Jacques Music-Club, Brussels

Join Basic Moves hitting the floor with Driss Bennis, Fhilz (Nemo), and Chris Ferreira for the latest release party at Chez Jacques Music-Club in Molenbeek. Full support.

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Friday 16th February: Netwerkfilm screening of Mother at Netwerk, Aalst

Want start the weekend with a more quiet and thought-provoking tone? Then Netwerk is the place to be, showing Darren Aronofsky’s newest psycho-thriller Mother!. A highly controversial and widely interpreted movie about a childless mother, a struggling poet and their home life. No spoilers, but one thing is for sure: Mother! is unforgettable.

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Friday 16th February: Samo DJ at C12, Brussels

An unmissable night with Samo DJ, Cleveland and Lawrence Le Doux at C12. And as an extra treat, we managed to bag the headlining Samo for an hour-long show on The Word Radio this Friday, 11h sharp. Get your gladrags on.

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Saturday 17th February: DJ Raphaël at MEATPACK, Antwerp

After having passed through the Radio last week, MEATPACK opens its door for a whole-night with DJ Raphaël, a veteran of the Antwerp dance music scene who whisks you away on an exciting journey through house, techno, disco, electro-funk and soul. Strictly vinyl, of course. Not to be missed.

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Saturday 17th February – Sunday 1st April: Biennale de l’image possible 2018 at La Boverie, Liège

For its 11th edition, BIP is once again dedicating itself to all things contemporary photography, and our relationship with it. Be there for an abundance of crossovers between photography, videos, and visual art installations, and witness the artists’ approach to catastrophe, transforming destruction into creation. Don’t sleep.

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Sunday, 18th February: Scratch + Snuff – JUJU at Muziekcentrum Kinky Star, Ghent

Italian project JUJU have just released the LP Our Mother Was a Planet, and are bringing their take on afrobeat, krautrock and glam to Ghent’s Kinky Star. Go out with a bang.

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Sunday 18th February: Artist Talk – The (Fe)Male Gaze at DeStudio, Antwerp

The Word favourite Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven joins forces with Karin Hanssen and Luc Tuymans for DeStudio’s latest Artist Talk. With the female gaze as a starting point, barriers constructed by a male-dominated society are broken down – less about creating a new gaze, as it is about aiming for genuine equality. End the weekend right.

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