15 things to do this weekend

Post-revolution revelations in Brussels, fusion-dabke in Ghent and enigmatic art reveals in Antwerp. Go do the right thing.

Thursday 22nd February – Saturday 3rd March: Visite Film Festival #4 at Het Bos, Antwerp

The Word-favourite Eva Van Tongeren has curated an all-star line up of inspirational cinema. From veteran avant garde filmmaker John Smith’s Hotel Diaries to fresh Belgian-grown talent with Justine Cappelle. The perfect evening for film-enthusiasts and amateurs alike, as exemplified in her Curator Talk for us. Start the weekend right.

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Thursday 22nd February – Thursday 22nd March: Festival in Movement at Les Brigittines, Brussels

Chaos, fire and desperation. 50 years have passed since the 1968 riots in Brussels and how has our country changed? Les Brigittines has teamed up with CiASp to shine a spotlight on the social and ecological implications facing Belgium today. Gathering together some of the brightest minds in this field, such as historian Ludivine Bantigny and sociologist Razmig Keucheyan. Not to be missed.

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Thursday 22nd February: Blu Samu + Zwangere Guy at C12, Brussels

Hip-hop lovers rejoice! The crew behind Deep in House is making Thursday the new Friday with a glorious line-up: Blu Samu is blowing up for her smooth vocals and cut-throat lyrics, while man like Zwangere Guy needs no introduction with arrangements to die for and catchy beats. Treat yourself.

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Thursday 22nd February – Sunday 4th March: On Monumental Silences at Kunsthal Extra City, Antwerp

A fully dressed Belgian man looking towards the sky with his knee bent over a near-naked Congolese slave in a position of praise… What do we do with the colonial, racist, white supremacist monuments that still to this day can be found around our cities? It is within this tenuous context, and the recent events in Charlottesville, that a new, and very urgent, debate has emanated, with the overriding issue at heart being whether we as a society should physically remove these macabre vestige of the past, or whether doing would be a missed opportunity to, finally, rectify historical misgivings. Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama confronts the audience with the inherent propaganda value of the infamous monument of Father De Deken in Wilrijk. By reshaping its human-sized copy in soft clay, the artist turns it into a malleable counter-monument given new meaning. On Monumental Silences not only highlights the need to re-challenge the narratives of these monuments, but also to consider what side of the events is denied a voice.

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Thursday 22nd February: Conference Kilimandjaro at Université Saint-Louis, Brussels

Two activists are infinitely better than one. In this case, Collectif Mémoire Coloniale and Kilimandjaro Saint-Louis are joining forces to ask the real questions. What can current generations do to (de)colonise Belgium? And whats is the space and role for these historic monuments today? Leading the discussion are teacher-cum-militant Kalvin Soiresse Njall and politically-minded Georges-Louis Bouchez. Education is key.

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Thursday 22nd – Sunday 25th February: Masters Photo Luca School of Arts at RECYCLART, Brussels

Insider snapshots courtesy of Brussels-based DIY skater Melvin Podolsk, alongside Ugo Woatzi’s queer visualisations in the personal difficulties of expressing identity and sexuality. Skate on and explore.

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Friday 23rd February – Saturday 14th April: Michèle Matyn – Noesis Noeseos at Base-Alpha, Antwerp

Base-Alpha opens its doors for the Antwerp-based Michèle Matyn exhibition Noesis Noeseos this Thursday. Multi-media and science-driven, she’s continuing to redfine abstract contemporary art as a whole. Scientifically-motivated as she is and while using different media, she is redefining abstraction in the contemporary art. We’ll see you there.

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Friday 23rd February – Sunday 27th May: Spanish Still Life at BOZAR, Brussels

What do lemons, a maid and a local catch have in common? A celebration of still-lifes, and the emotive power behind the collection of inanimate objects as we know it. BOZAR isn’t missing a beat with their complete round up of incredible Spaniash masterpieces in particular. From Velazquez to Goya and Picasso, need we say more?

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Friday 23rd February: BANG! Opening Night at C12, Brussels

Start the weekend with a bang: nomad festival Bang! is kicking off their 2018 edition with a healthy dose of local talents. Going out with a bang.

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Friday 23rd February: Kanikosen – Lo Kindre at Kumiko, Brussels

The local rascals behind Le Pacifique Records are celebrating their second edition of Kanikosen series at their go-to lair Kumiko, inviting the likes of Lo Kindre for the vernissage. Discover a mixture of synth and low-slung bass of the Luxembourg-cum-Irishman. Don’t sleep.

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Friday 23rd February: Digital Detox Party at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Close Netflix, leave your phone at home and enjoy a digital detox night with DJ SPO1ler  at Beursschouwbourg. From an in-depth, personal dive into Korea’s last two decades of history with Cuckoo, to virtual computer games based on digitalised human relations, this is one to note.

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Friday 23rd – Saturday 24th February: Collectif L’Oiseau Bleu w/ Soundsystem, PRR ! PRR ! at Le Petit Lion, Brussels

The Word’s favorite unpronounceable record label PRR! PRR! will be the manning the decks this Friday night at Le Petit Lion. Get your gladrags on.

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Friday 23rd: 47soul + support – De Rudies (Radio Taxi), Ghent

Ghent has a special treat up their sleeve this weekend: Lebanon-based crew 47soul provides an inspiring combination of hip-hop, electro, and the Palestinian dabke sound to move your feet for sure, shifting seemlessly from Arabic to English. Not to be missed.

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Saturday 24th February – Saturday 24th March: Vincent Geyskens – Moving the Mustache at Intemporal, Antwerp

Enigmatic local talent Vincent Geyskens showcases his newest works, paintings and collages in Moving the Mustache, presented at Antwerop-based Trampoline Gallery’s sister-space. End the weekend right.

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