20 things to do in Belgium this weekend

Cut-throat rhythms in Antwerp, solitary bliss in Leuven, and our very own bank holiday jazz jam. Go do the right thing.

Monday 30th April: The Word Radio presents All That Jazz in Brussels

To mark International Jazz Day on Monday 30th April, The Word Radio is teaming up with Jazz.Brussels for a full day of radio shows, DJ sets and live concerts. For the occasion, our studios will be open to all, with free drinks provided throughout the day. Come through, the sun’s likely to be on our side.

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Thursday 26th – Saturday 28th April: Hack Belgium at Tour & Taxis, Brussels

Belgium’s biggest hackathon is back for its second edition. Hack Belgium is made up of 1000 participants, 300 experts, 12 societal challenges and 10 new technologies over three days. From blockchains and the circular economy to preventive health, individuals and professionals come together to “hack” and bring solutions to the challenges of the future.

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Thursday 26th April – Sunday 6th May: Les Nuits 2018 at Botanique, Brussels

Music lovers rejoice: 25 years of Botanique’s iconic event series featuring the quality line-ups you’ve come to expect, featuring everyone from Charlotte Gainsbourg’s catchy electro-pop to Lord Gasmique‘s trap sensation and many more. Dust off your dancing shoes.

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Thursday 26th April: Issa Maïga at L’Escalier Café, Liège

Renown for his booty-shaking beats homegrown talent, Issa Maïga’s goes way beyond old school trance. Still in his early twenties Maïga is already making a name for himself – catch him before he blows up.

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Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th April: ENTER Festival in Brussels

Breaking through barriers in the art world, ENTER Festival’s fourth edition is once again a multi-disciplinary marvel to behold, infiltrating Brussels’ cultural fabric and truly celebrating art in all it’s glory across four different zones. Need we say more?

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Thursday 26th April – Sunday 27th May: Philippe Van Wolputte at Keteleer Gallery, Antwerp

It’s easy to take urban life for granted – yet visual artist Philippe Van Wolputte is shedding fresh perspective on the concrete jungles we call home. Abandoned, derelict, remnants of our past are all given a new life. You have to see it to believe it.

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Friday 27th April: Poxcat #2 at Brasserie Atlas, Brussels

DJ collective and The Word Radio residents Poxcat lay out the second instalment of their curated nights with singer-soundscaper Laryssa Kim, Ill Syll and Clara! as well as Poxcat’s very own CDJ cuties. Expect hypnotic live performances and future-minded DJ sets.

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Friday 27th April – Friday 20th July: Antoine Wagner’s Liquid at La Patinoire Royale, Brussels

French-American artist Antoine Wagner latest exhibition Liquid is a love letter to H20, from reflective tiles on the bottom of a pool to ocean’s calmness before the storm. Hypnotizing, contemplative and awe-inspiring.

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Friday 27th April – Sunday 16th September: OVERPI!NT’s Ag!tate Act!vate at Centre de la Gravure, La Louvière

Four art schools join forces for one unmissable exhibition: OVERPR!NT is the product of years of cooperation in the name of artistic expression, from ancient printing techniques to elaborate performances. Treat yourself.

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Saturday 28th April: Day of Dance 2018 in Brussels

Dedicated to showcasing the best our country’s many contemporary dance institutions have to offer, Day of Dance’s third edition celebrates with performances across Flanders and Brussels. Face-to-face dance battles, current film screenings and all whilst enjoying the open air. Not to be missed.

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Saturday 28th April – Friday 11th May: Nuits du Beau Tas in Brussels

A tongue-in-cheek flip on the other festival whose name we won’t mention, Les Nuits du Beau Tas sees a jamboree of lesser-known acts take over some of the city’s crustiest venues. Top picks include Babils’s psychedelic New Wave, Yumy YumX’s aerial synth-pop and our very own Shakatak’s garage-tinted post-grunge. Full support.

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Saturday 28th April: Big Feest at Allée du Kaai, Brussels

In honour of your final chance to savour spring on Allée du Kaai, La Zinzinerie’s put together a chock-a-block full line up of everything your heart desires, with Barlok’s typical flavour including punk hardcore and dark metal to RAG’s selection of family-friendly activities. Not to mention, glorious food in the form of cakes and pizza. What’s not to like?

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Saturday 28th April: Convextion, Gurl & Jacob at C12, Brussels

American beat-maker Convextion are back in Brussels for another killer edition chez C12, complimented by the smooth tunes of Belgium natives Jakob and Gurl that will keep you up ’til the morning light. Get your gladrags on.

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Saturday 28th April: PARK Festival 2018 in Antwerp

Don’t be fooled by its new location – PARK Festival has the same great flair. The 2018 Railway Edition boasts the hottest urban electronic artists, including slippery bars from Lefto, Blu Samu’s signature tunes and to boot an afterparty at Ampere – don’t sleep.

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Saturday 28th April: Van Helder naar Vaag in Antwerp

Club Vaag and Bar Helder link up this Saturday night, making A-town the place to be, covering all their bases with Ghent-based producers Asa Moto and techno lover Vision Machine. Two birds, one stone.

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Saturday 28th April: Solitude Expo at Town Hall, Leuven

Following Up High Collective‘s release of their hotly anticipated album, Leuven’s old town hall plays host to an exclusive selection of snaps from their production journey. Staying true to their name this exhibition plays on the interplay between individual, action and location, all with the album’s beautiful soundscapes as a backdrop. Spoilt rotten.

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Sunday 29th April – Monday 30th April: Love is in the Air at Place Poelaert, Brussels

Months of winter means one thing: time to embrace the great outdoors. Green thumbs not required, but a love for garden is advantageous. Brüxsel Jardin will handle the rest with an exciting spread of culinary delights. Go show some love.

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Sunday 29th April – Sunday 23rd September: Jef Geys’ Quadra at Musée des Arts Contemporains, Hornu

Most closely associated with the conceptual arts, Belgian artist Jef Geys has been active for more than 50 years, extending his artistic practice beyond the aesthetic, to incorporate ethical as well as political matters into his portfolio. In doing so, he has astutely multiplied the links his work naturally bears with its social context, a fact made all the more clearer in his latest project, Quadra, an installation of pots in the shapes of the geopolitical borders of eight Western European countries, all with the same surface. The artist then planted seeds are native to the respective countries, allowing the audience to observe how the plants evolve in their biotopes – a premise pertinent to our times to say the least.

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Sunday 29th April: ABSTRKT x Moonday Open Air 2018 at Kristallijn Gent, Ghent

Kicking off the open air season in Flanders is the local trend-setting crew ABSTRKT, with an international line-up of producers like German-raised techno goddess Monika Kruse and homegrown Nelsøn’s afro beats. Setting the scene is Ghent’s transformed ice rink with juicy food trucks, cocktails flowing and more. End the weekend right.

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Monday 30th April: BOZAR Night at BOZAR, Brussels

The upcoming edition of Bozar’s now notorious Bozar Night series sees Japan’s DJ Kyoka and Detroit’s Magda take to the stage for an unforgettable night, all with a backdrop of Fernand Léger, Hugo Claus and Kehinde Wiley works. Essential.

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