30 things to do in Belgium this weekend

Family and friends in Oudenaarde, critical design in Liège and The Word Radio takeovers in Leuven. Go do the right thing.

Friday 5th October: The Word Radio x STUK w/ Sarah Davachi, E Ruscha V & Roméo Poirier at STUK, Leuven

Catch our very own The Word Radio event in collaboration with STUK this Friday: a listening evening with talks and concerts steeped in balearic exotica and colourful ambience. Top of the bill is LA-based ambient composer Sarah Davachi, known for her astute combination of synthesizer drones, ethereal vocals and acoustic instruments with renaissance tunings. Second in line is Californian synth specialist E Ruscha V, the son of pop-art icon Ed Ruscha, who released his dreamy debut Who Are You this year. Last but not least, Brussels-based French producer Roméo Poirier will be opening the evening’s proceedings with his now-signature blend of sub-tropical, aquatic lo-fi compositions. See you there.

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Thursday 4th – Monday 8th October: Chantal Akerman’s D’Est at Kanal, Brussels

This week sees the showcase of Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman’s D’Est. Documenting the effects on people, places and objects of the demolition of the Berlin Wall, it will take you from East Germany to Moscow, through Poland, Lithuania and the Ukraine. Spend an evening remembering the important event with this sensitive and poetic portrait. Start the weekend right.

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Thursday 4th October: Laurens Mariën’s My Own Private Idaho #1 at Gouvernement, Ghent

For an eclectic mix of performance, music, video and film screenings, head down to Gouvernement for Laurens Mariën’s new show series My Own Private Idaho. Bringing together parallactic modes of thought – narcissism, vanity, sexuality, Instagram and identity – Mariën will present the first of four curated evenings as part of their upcoming cultural season. See you there.

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Thursday 4th October: Psst Mademoiselle #9 at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

If you’re in the mood for a dance this Thursday, Beursschouwburg will greet you with a blend of music from UK rapper Corella, Antwerp-based newcomer Miss Angel and Montreal’s Gayance. Expect all things hip hop, UK garage, dancehall and rap. Come have a ball.

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Thursday 4th October – Sunday 20th January: James Lee Byars’ The Perfect Kiss at M HKA, Antwerp

James Lee Byars was a mythical figure in the world of art whose career trajectory itself can be considered his most astounding performance. In a constant search for beauty and idealism in his nomadic existence, the American experimented with film, textile, sculptures, word and ink paintings. As a tribute to his commitment to understanding the world and the conditions of its inhabitants, M HKA’s The Perfect Kiss consists of four major installations, five large sculptures alongside four video works and 40 letters he wrote to his friends here in Belgium – works of art in themselves. As the first Belgian retrospective exposition of his work, it reflects upon his life-long transatlantic search to understand the world both in its purist and most grotesque ways. A must-see.

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Thursday 4th – Sunday 28th October: Leo Gabin’s Real Estate at 019, Ghent

Big and twee American houses become artistic creations made out of cardboard and bronze in this new expo at 019. The gallery takes over a former welding factory to showcase the work of trio Leo Gabin, who have been creating together since 2000. The pieces are formed from inspiration of their travel films through the US, as well as data gathered through Google. An interesting and unusual journey through architectural and domestic visuals.

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Thursday 4th – Tuesday 9th October: Alles es Just! at Grafik, Brussels

Head on down to Schaerbeek for a festival kick-off to mark the inauguration of Grafik, a brand-new gallery bookshop specialising in graphic arts. The opening exhibition features a series of scenes from the life of Pogge by the young Ghent artist Lukas Verstraete. For all things illustration, this is your best bet. 

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Thursday 4th – Sunday 21st October: L’Afrique c’est chic 2018 in Antwerp

Taking over an array of venues in Antwerp, this vibrant new festival is entirely dedicated to African culture. Expect beats with inspiration from afrohouse, funk and electronics, courtesy of CC Berchem, Arenberg and De Roma‘s collaborative efforts. Show us your moves. 

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Thursday 4th October: Physical Poetics #1 at ERG, Brussels

For a taste of the intersection between science, art and literature, make sure to attend Physical Poetics: expect a hugely varied line-up of lectures and performances from neuroscientist Giovanni Frazzetto, performance artist Eva Meyer-Keller, food artists Rares Craiut and Mana Constantinescu and local DJ Gabriel Franjou. Food for thought.

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Thursday 4th – Saturday 27th October : Babs Decruyenaere’s Would I be able to breathe without you at Tique, Antwerp

For a breath of fresh air and a foray into an important artistic imagination, catch the opening of Babs Decruyenaere’s solo exhibition Would I be able to breathe without you. Bringing a little bit of the natural word into the gallery space, Decruyenaere’s work is made up of pebbles, leaves and sea shells that she sifts from time spent on the beaches of Zeeland, Picardy and Lanzarote. Her work will inspire your interests in the artistic material, whilst also allowing us to encounter delicate and beautiful shapes; a treat for the eyes.

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Thursday 4th – Saturday 6th October: Little Gouda Le Pain at Théâtre Varia, Brussels

This weekend sees the closing days of a play by Arthur Egloff and Damien Chapelle. As self-described magicians, these inventors like to draw the viewer into strange worlds that challenge and poke fun at theatrical codes. A few years ago, the two friends formed the clowns Bart and Dani – funny characters with a sensitive side – and Little Gouda is a trilogy following the adventures of this comedy duo. Bring your little ones.

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Thursday 4th – Tuesday 30th October: Anne De Mol, Catherine Verougstraete, Emilie Caeymaex & Gotiez at Sablon d’Art, Brussels

Whatever happened to an art show made up simply of paintings? With works including Pollock-inspired paintings by Emilie Caeymaex, this exhibition returns to the root of traditional art mediums.

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Friday 5th October: Zine workshop w/ Nina Echozina at RoSa, Brussels

In the spirit of all things avant-garde and DIY, RoSa and Nina Echozina join forces and invite you to a workshop of zine-making on the theme of body image and beauty ideals. Rummage into your old magazine archives for inspiration and have a go at this essential form of crafty self expression. The workshop is free but requires registration.

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Friday 5th October – Sunday 9th December: Eva Koťátková at CONVENT, Ghent

Czech artist Eva Koťátková will be taking over independent art space CONVENT for the remainder of the year: sculptures and collages fill the space, exploring the art of social structures and the fabric of community, family and institutions. For a weird and wacky aesthetic experience.

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Friday 5th – Saturday 27th October: Willem Vermoere’s Lecons de choses at Pinguin, Brussels

”The still life was always about injecting the sublime into ordinary things. Thus it is possible to induce the idea of ‘heroism’ through an ensemble of tape, a cactus*2 , isolation tubes and a spiky yellow bathmat.” Here the artist’s words resonate the importance of the artefact and the object in the work of Willem Vermoere. Not to be missed.

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Friday 5th October – Sunday 11th November: RECIPROCITY design liège 2018 in Liège

The commercial hub of Liège, famed for its medieval architecture and 17th century mansions, transforms its face during its RECIPROCITY design liège festival. Connected to the city’s ongoing renovation, the international triennale of design and social innovation takes place over 40 days across several locations, including the city’s well-known Musée de la Vie wallonne, Espace Saint-Antoine and, for the first time, the Museum La Boverie. Its exhibitions and events explore how design can economically, culturally and socially impact and improve cities and its inhabitants, offering a critical space to research this phenomenon on an international level. In a move to increase accessibility to a wider audience, RECIPROCITY encourages individuals to engage with design and to bridge the gap between its abstract definition and its more human and sustainable aspect.

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Friday 5th October: 0032 491 98 19 74 w/ Flagalova, doro, Lëster, Munix & Azore at LaVallée, Brussels

Queer lovers META- are hitting the scene hard with a new series of parties and events under the mysterious 0032 491 98 19 74 banner, bringing together a promising line-up for their first edition. From headlining Flagalova to local loves doro and Munix, this is not to be missed.

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Friday 5th – Sunday 7th October: Delta~Wave Festival 2018 at Het Bos, Antwerp

A festival to appease the senses: an experimentation with light and sound, electronic music, films and DJs throughout the weekend. Expect a wide range of relevant artists, including a number of The Word favourites including Jung An Tagen, Oval Angle, Sagat, Floris Vanhoof, Cachilapo and the Kontakt lads. Full support.

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Friday 5th – Saturday 6th October: Almost nothing is happening in Brussels 

A textual and visual collaboration curated by artists Jill Verhaeghe and Elies Van Renterghem and hosted by Lise De Meulemeester makes for an exciting expo on forms of digital communication. Expect to encounter an exploration of tenderness, emotion and intimacy through an array of mixed medias. Join the dialogue.

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Friday 5th October: Piloot Release Party & Ben Vince at BRASS, Brussels

An essential concert of jazz and experimental electronics takes the floor this Friday in Forest’s cultural centre BRASS. Piloot creates soundscapes using drones and repetitive motives, not unlike the ethereal groundbreaking music of Brian Eno, whilst saxophonist Vince’s music bends the jazz genre with warped vocals and cacophonic hand percussion. Treat yourselves.

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Saturday 6th October: Leaving Dakota invites NMT & friends at Brasserie Atlas, Brussels

Venture to Anderlecht for a day of dancing and art: this event is the second edition of the exhibition Les Temps Sauvages curated by the Parisian collective NMT, and complimented with a Leaving Dakota afterparty. Get your gladrags on.

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Saturday 6th October: Studio Contrair w/ Young Marco & Masalo at De Studio, Antwerp

Party through to Sunday at De Studio, with a line-up featuring Dekmental resident Young Marco and Masalo. All killer, no filler.

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Saturday 6th October: Mobility is an Urban Project at WTC1, Brussels

You Are Here’s World Transformation Sessions are a series of 12 public debates engaging the voices of innovative practitioners. For this event, issues of mobility and education are at the forefront, with keynotes from Emile Revier, Barbara Roosen, Wout Baert and Annekatrien Verdickt. An important conversation on the future of Brussels’ infrastructure.

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Saturday 6th – Sunday 14th October: Harry & Friends at STOOM, Oudenaarde

This remote exhibition takes place in an industrial space in Oudenaarde. Artist and curator Harlinde De Mol connects her own artistic practice to the oeuvre of her artist friends, painting and drawing as different disciplines play a crucial role in this expo. Expect other media in the form of photography, installations, textiles, sculptures, sound. Take a trip into the unusual and venture off the beaten track.

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Saturday 6th October: XDB, Levon Vincent + Chris Ferreira at C12, Brussels

New York resident Levon Vincent, XDB from Göttingen and local hero Chris Ferreira have got all your sonic bases covered this Saturday in celebration of UZURI’s 10-year Belgian showcase anniversary. You know the drill: techno, electro and house to bring you into the early hours.

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Saturday 6th October: Sholto Dobie, Ben Pritchard, Catherine Hershey, Half Asleep at Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels

A concert combining the unusual acoustics, montaged plays and absurdist experiments of Sholto Dobie, Ben Pritchard, Catherine Hershey and Half Asleep. An essential attend for a dose of cross-cultural and mixed media sounds at Les Ateliers Claus. Utterly spoilt.

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 Saturday 6th October: Moodprint Invites in Leuven

For the fourth time, Moodprint‘s this special exhibition takes place in a 60s villa combining art, music and friends. There will be sound and art collaborations from Duo à L’Encre (made up of Teun Verbruggen & Vincent Glowinski) and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Claes from local jazz outfit STUFF.. Meanwhile painter Arthur Dufoor presents a psychedelic journey through art history with paintings that blend Kooning, Basquiat and the city of Brussels. And of course, Brice Dreessen on sonic duties amongst others. Don’t miss the very special arty party.

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Sunday 7th – Thursday 10th October: Aliye Dorkip’s I have something in my eye at Galerie DYS, Brussels

Each drawing is a cry”: the new body of work from Turkish artist Aliye Dorkip combines the faintness and delicacy of watercolour with more violent pen marks. An expert use of colour with concepts to provoke thought. 

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Sunday 7th October: NUCLEO presents Open Ateliers #12

Encounter open doors this Sunday for NUCLEO’s 12th edition of Open Studios. An astonishing number of 160 artists will show their studios, spread over eight buildings in five different locations across the country. Go big or go home – end the weekend right.

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