Five questions to BRUZZ editor-in-chief Jeroen Roppe

We put five questions to the newly-appointed editor-in-chief of BRUZZ and talk new concepts, increasing English and French programmes on the historically Flemish media and becoming the reference for all things Brussels.

What were the biggest motivators to merge radio, television, print and online news media under the same umbrella?

With one brand on several platforms, we aim at becoming the reference for Brussels. Not only through our own media (online, radio, tv, social and print), but also via  other platforms, such as the VRT for example. As for our own channels, we have chosen a model that puts online – the fastest and most consumed news medium – first. With one centralised mode of operation, we can permanently renew ourselves. We can also easily adapt to new ways of consuming media.

“you are the city,” BRUZZ’s baseline, implies the will to communicate with everyone in Brussels, no matter their language. How will this take place exactly, as most of the content is still in Dutch?

Brussels is one of the most diverse and multi-layered cities in the world. Even more so when it comes to language identity. It goes without saying that a new Brussels media brand ought to be multilingual. This is why the number of items in English and French is increasing on all our platforms. However, they are embedded in a Dutch-language environment. The use of three languages (Dutch, French and English) has the specific goal to attract as many consumers as possible to the Dutch language.

What are the biggest challenges for a local media platform such as BRUZZ today?

The biggest challenge for BRUZZ is to position itself as the reference for everything that happens in Brussels, also for people who do not live in the city. BRUZZ is made by people who know the city very well and are passionate about it.

Which role does Bruzz aim to take in Brussels’ media landscape and in the city in general?

BRUZZ is more than merely a media organisation. We care about what happens in the city, we are very concerned about the city’s reputation. Moreover, we feel responsible for what is going on in Brussels. That is why we see it as our task to connect people in the city and to mobilise people for the city. It is the people who make Brussels. This explains our baseline You Are the City.

In terms of programming, what new shows and sections can we look forward to?

A new concept that embodies the whole BRUZZ philosophy is Big City. You can ask us any question about Brussels online. BRUZZ journalists will find the answers for you. Check out the results online, on the radio, on television and in print.