Five reasons why we deserve a week off

  1. Because our final edition of the year, the pink album, is now out.
  2. Because both the design and the editorial teams are busy working on the magazine’s April 2013 relaunch (new format, new paper, new grid, new sections, new everything).
  3. Because our next issue is slowly but surely taking shape (editors are putting the finishing touches to their sections’ outline as we speak).
  4. Because you could probably do with a break from hearing from us.
  5. And because we fucking need it.

So, other than the odd regular feature here and there (the best in new music by Disco Naiveté, photography interviews and a new column by Onda Sonora‘s Bart Sibiel on Belgium’s unique musical output over the years), our online presence next week will be kept to a bare minimum. We’ll be back to no good again on Monday 22nd October.