Are you the kind do dig through dusty boxes of nostalgia in the hope of finding a goldmine of found photographs? Do you see something in everyday photographs that others might not? Or maybe your thing is deciphering the hand-written notes on the back of your family jewels? Whatever your niche in the ever-growing world of found footage, we’ve concocted a challenge for you whose main draw in the chance to get your work published in our next edition. Deadline for submission is Friday 9 August. Read on for full details…

We’re slowly starting to put our October edition together (out 25 October) which is, in essence, a celebration of poor quality. We’ll be doing an extensive feature on ‘Wedding Photography’ in the edition’s photography section, calling-upon a wide range of found footage fans to propose one visual of their choice which references the subject matter.

This is what you need to do to take part:

  1. Find one visual which, in one way or the other, references Wedding Photography. From church interiors and dance floor leftovers to wedding-day dress codes and flowery automotive processions, everything goes as long as the order of the day is two people marking their lifelong alliance.
  2. Email it to with ‘Third edition found footage call’ as the subject and making sure to include:
    1. The source (where you found the visual)
    2. Name of the author/photographer if available
    3. When and where did you find the visual?
    4. Why you found the visual relevant?
    5. The date you found the visual
    6. A short biography of yourself (Date and place of birth, location, education and current occupation)
    7. The visual(s), making sure to respect the following technical specifications:
      1. CMYK
      2. 300 dpi
      3. .jpeg, .tiff, .psd
      4. Minimum size: 10 x 15cm
      5. Ideal size: 19 x 25.5cm

Deadline for submission is Friday 9 August and we will notify you by email prior to going to print if your submission makes the cut.