Rodolphe Janssen’s favourite addresses in Brussels

Founder of eponymous gallery, Rodolphe Janssen takes us through the addresses topping his list. From eateries, food stock shops and art spaces, here is a candid potpourri of his favourite addresses.

I opened my gallery in Ixelles 25 years ago, near Place Stephanie, and have lived near place Flagey for about 12 years. So I spend most of my time between these two places. I am a big lunch guy so I like to go out to a restaurant when I have artists or collectors over. There is Piccola Store (Rue Lesbroussart 48 – 1050), a small Italian restaurant near by where they also sell Italian products. I go there very often. There’s also Racines (Chaussée d’Ixelles 353–1050), another very nice Italian restaurant. And Gazetta (Rue de la Longue Haie 12–1000), or Kokuban, (Vilain XIIII 53 –1000), a good place for Japanese noodles. Sometimes when we have our monthly meetings at the galleries we’ll have take away from places like Knees to Chin (Rue de Livourne 125–1000), where they have different kinds of spring rolls, or Mont Liban (Livornostraat 30–1000). Mont Liban is a good Lebanese food place, which seems to be always open. Another good one is Crab Club (Chaussée de Waterloo 7–1060 Saint-Gil), a place specialising in seafood. There is also a Korean place called Maru (Chaussée de Waterloo 510–1050) that is great for BBQ. I also like to go out for dinner to places like Dolce Amaro (Chaussée de Charleroi 115–1060), or l’Ecailler du Palais Royal (Bodenbroekstraat 18–1000). I don’t really go out to bars. Sometimes if I have to meet people, or with friends I’ll go to café Belga ( Place Eugène Flagey 18–1050) because it’s not too far from where I live. But my younger staff knows more about these kind of places like La Belladone (17A–1060) on Rue Morris. Then for shopping, there’s Louise 54 and Icon (Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 5–1000). I don’t like shopping for myself, but I do like to accompany my wife when she wants to buy something. I like going with her to Louise 54 (Avenue Louise 54–1050) and as I know that the owner Alain collects art, I can talk with him while my wife shops. For music, I don’t shop much for music, I trust my kids on that. For books, I like to go to Filligranes (Avenue des Arts 39–1040) on Sunday with the family. They have a big selection and it’s just a nice place with great books on art, architecture, design and the likes. They sometimes have events, or you can also just have a coffee there. There is also Patrick Seguin, which I like for furniture as well as Olivier Biltereyst (2 rue Général Mac Arthur–1180). But I have too much furniture now and there is only so much place in the house for furniture. Now I buy more ceramics. I like to collect ceramics from artists, so for that I go to galleries. Thierry Boutemy (Rue Vanderkindere 375–1180) is a great ceramics collector, and I also go to his shop when I need flowers. We are actually organizing a ceramics show together in April. For food shopping there is Le Marché Des Chefs (Lensstraat 38–1050). It’s more of a wholesale place for restaurants, but they have really good meats and other products, and anyone can go there to shop. Then there are a couple of websites I like. There is, and For museums there is Maison Particulière (Kasteleinsstraat 49 –1050), a private cultural center where they invite curators to put on exhibitions. If I have visitors or clients visiting, I like to take them on a tour to visit art galleries in Brussels, usually newer or smaller ones, like Super Dakota (Rue Washington 45–1000), which is just in front of mine, Dependence (Rue du Marché aux Porcs 4–1000) or my brothers’ gallery Sorry We Are Closed (Rue de la Régence 67–1000). Brussels has really become a hot spot for galleries and art, there are a lot of Galleries moving here. In terms of green spaces, there is the Foret de Soignes (1180), which I like to go to for a bike ride with friends during the weekend. And the Abbaye de la Cambre (1050) – my sports coach lives nearby and there’s a steep staircase and running up and down it is great for cardio! For a day trip, I’d go to Charleroi. It´s exotic and unlike anything else in Belgium, it’s like a different world there. The city also has a lot of great museums such as BPS 22 (Boulevard Solvay 22–6000) as well as the Photography Museum (Avenue Paul Pastur 11 –6032)  which is very good. Not much else to do there, other than a restaurant called the Les 3 P’tits Bouchons (Avenue Paul Pastur 378–6032).