Inside Belgique-Op-Zee, our special edition

A few days ago we announced the release of our book, This is Belgium, which hits stores on Friday 25th April. Regular followers might also have noticed that we launched a small pre-order campaign at the same time, allowing a select few of you to order the book in advance and get special treatment. And by special treatment we mean: one of 200 handmade and hand-numbered special editions, two limited-run stickers and a Word-stamped proof, as pictured below together with a few words of explanation.

Pre-order This is Belgium here.

Join us on Friday 25th April for the official book launch with a concert by legendary Belgian new wave act Lavvi Ebbel.


The idea for Belgique-Op-Zee came out of a desire to capture the country’s century-long relationship to its coastline. Combing through found imagery at local flea markets and thrift stores as well as drawing on a few of our own family jewels, we put together a selection of colour-prints we felt best embodied what Belgian seaside living really meant: Speedos, ice boxes, quick stacks and cross-Channel P&O ferry trips.

F1000001 F1000003

The paper we chose to work with was recycled 60gsm vertically perforated listing paper, whose A4 sheets are bound together by two’s. Images were printed on the paper’s inner sheets, using an HP OfficeJet 6310 all-in-one printer.



The edition counts 31 images throughout eight individual booklets, all loosely-bound together owing to the paper’s A4 sheets coming by two’s. This means you can either flick through the edition from back to front, front to back and inside out. You can also re-compose the edition as you please, choosing to interchange each booklet as you go along.


The limited-run stickers that are also included in the pre-order package. Send us an email ( if you’ve managed to guess why we chose the cities we chose, and we’ll send some goodies your way. 

F1000030 copy

Belgique-Op-Zee is a special edition by Adrien Domken and Nicholas Lewis made with the invaluable support of Marie Annaert. Photographs are all courtesy of the lovely Tatiana Soumar and stickers couldn’t have been made without the visionary skills of graphic designer Baptiste Peron.