Glorybox Store

Glorybox Store

Newly opened and already making its presence felt on the fashion thoroughfare of Dansaert, Glorybox is a bastion of Belgian and French design. Stocking new designers solely from Belgium and France is a primary and appealing feature of the boutique, distinguishing it from other shops in the area. Another somewhat atypical quality is the friendly, inviting and genuinely fashion loving atmosphere of the boutique. Sophie Novali, founder, is emphatic about this point, dismissing hoity attitudes held by so many in her industry; ‘It’s just clothes after all’. Saying that, Novali is definitely serious about her threads. Originally an advertising aficionado, Novali transformed her love of fashion and understanding of the industry from her Ad days into what is now GLORYBOX Communications & events Agency and Glorybox the boutique.


Glorybox Store

Offering wares from designers such as Jessie Lecomte, Orlane Herbin, A Wolf at my Door, Leslie Ferre, Bruno da Silva and Filles à Papa, it’s an eclectic range of clothing all brought together by an ethos of quality, innovation and most importantly, wearability. Being the first point of sale for many of these new designers, stocking at times entire collections and including items from past collections makes Glorybox somewhat unconventional in its style, looking away from conceptual high fashion and driven purely by the pursuit of classical elegance with quirky design that can be worn season after season.

Lena Klax, Step Up Collection
Glorybox isn’t all clothes though; there is wealth of great jewellery and accessories. I found myself rather transfixed with the delicate, feminine and beautifully crafted rings and necklaces of Christelle Larose from Lille, France. Deft and understated with rose gold, semi-precious stones and minute filigree the collection is contrasted with Lena Klax’s self touted ‘Excessive accessories’ from the ‘Step Up’ collection (pictured above). Characterised with chunky gold chains and oversized heads of lions, polar bears or their paws this is a distinctive and brazen range. there’s also are a few great bags and purses, most memorable of which are a metallic leather clutch by Filles a Papa and a new arrival from new designer David Giampiccolo in the form of punk-inspired peep-toe ankle boots (pictured below).


David Giampiccolo

Defined by the concept of L’allure de Glorybox, the store looks to create a universe focused on making the shopper feel really good- something its founder feels is the real crux of fashion. A shopping destination for all those in love with charming design, friendly atmosphere and feeling fabulous, Glorybox is indeed beyond your fashion expectations.

Rue Leon Lepage 10 Leon Lepage Straat
1000 Brussels
+32 (0) 2 511 04 88