Photographer David Widart

Graphic designers Pierre and Damien met while studying at Saint-Luc in Liège, back in 2002. After a few school projects together, they realised how well they worked in combination and decided to get the ball rolling with their own business, pleaseletmedesign. Today they have their own offices in Brussels and tackle everything from architecture books to good wine guides. Plus, they’re the truly gifted masterminds behind The Word Magazine’s unique layout, together with Delphine and Flore from Face to Face, who you met last week.

Why is two better than one?

P: Everything is better than one.

D: You can play ping pong with your ideas. A discussion always brings you further, not only with your colleagues but also with your clients. The quote “Design is a conversation” is quite true, actually.

Isn’t two harder than one?

P: No, we like each other and get along very well. There are never any clashes, we don’t need to make compromises. How do you say: To like each other is to look in the same direction.

D: Also, we don’t see each other every day anymore. Sometimes I’m in Liège but our offices are in Brussels. So when I’m in the office, it’s a party! Otherwise we skype a lot to stay in touch. We have the same vision and our competences complete each other. Pierre is more into typography, I deal more with identities and logos.

Does 1+1 always equal 2?

D: In mathematics yes. Reminds me of that Radiohead song: 2+2=5

P: Actually it multiplies the possibilities. Alone you sometimes get blocked in your thinking and together you move forward much faster. Ideas get bigger quickly.

Do either of you ever wish it was just 1? (Be honest!)

P: Never. As we said before: There are no clashes, we don’t really argue and have exactly the same vision.

D: Being more than one just makes everything easier. And we never have problems due to the fact that we are two.

Is 2 better than 3? They say never 2 without 3…

P: The two of us have always been the basis. But we’ve never been exclusive and have always done a lot of collaborations. We have another office in Nancy, we cooperate with web experts and also work in teams of 3, 4 or 5.

D: For example we work for this concert place in France that has its own graphic designer. So we have to make all decisions in a team of three. But it works well and is just the same as with two, actually.

Do either of you ever feel alone, even when you’re two?

P: No. I never feel isolated or anything like that. Even when we don’t see each other we are in constant contact and discuss everything.

D: When it comes to the execution of things we also work alone of course, but the ideas and planning is all done together.

Can you remember a life without your +1?

D: That’s hard, because we met in school. Even back then we already did projects together. As I’m also a musician, I used to do album covers and stuff like that on my own, but it was more like a hobby, nothing I did professionally.

P: Professionally we started out together, right after school. We even lived together.

Is it all 50/50?

P: Yes, financially, when it comes to creating the concepts, …everything is balanced very well.

D: Look at us! We are eating the exact same thing, wearing the same hats, and almost the same shoes!