Last minute tips and tricks as the Make.Brussels deadline approaches

Unless you’ve been living in a wifi-free hut buried deep down in the Belgian Ardennes, you’ve heard about Make.Brussels, the ambitious call for project launched by Atrium.Brussels which aims to bring the groove back to Brussels. As its deadline is fast approaching – you have until 5th may 23h59 to submit your project to the crowd-sourcing platform – here’s a little reminder of how to submit a project.

  1. Visit
  2. Log-in or create a profile (it takes all of two seconds)
  3. Choose the neighbourhood you wish to start your project in
  4. Write up a few lines describing it
  5. Explain how it’ll reinforce the chosen neighbourhood
  6. Estimate the budget you’ll need to execute your idea
  7. Attach a few visuals of your project as well as a portrait of yourself
  8. Click on the “Send” button
The entire process literally takes no more than 10 minutes.
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