Looking for fashion photographers, artists with day jobs and more…

Given some of the changes we’re bringing to our editorial formula both in print and online over the next few months, there’s a fair few things we’re currently digging around for and were hoping you might be able to help. Here are some of the things we’re looking for. 

Emerging fashion photographers and their latest fashion features

If you’re an up-and-coming fashion photographer who regularly shoots fashion stories just for kicks, honing your skills through tests after tests in the hope of one day making it big, we want to hear from you. The thing is, we’re about to launch a new section on the website shining a light on under 30 years old fashion photographers whose work deserves a push in the right direction. Think you fit the script? Email a PDF with your most recent series to p.pourhashemi@thewordmagazine.com including your CV.

Artists with day jobs

Are you a bass player who’s also a butcher? A soloist who moonlights in a sandwich shop? We’re looking for artists with day jobs – you know, those undiscovered creative geniuses who also happen to be nine to fivers in the call centres and assembly lines of the world. If you spend at least part of your life doing a menial job in order to bring home the bacon until your big break, we want to hear all about it. We want to speak to moonlighting starving artists from Paris, Brussels, London, Ghent and Antwerp. Get in touch with r.kelleher@thewordmagazine.com to tell her all about your struggles…

Ixelles/Elsene’s bottle bank dude

Do you live in Brussels’ Ixelles/Elsene neighbourhood? If so, have you ever come across a guy who roams the street on his custom made bike, going from bottle bank to bottle bank recuperating any bottles that might get him a cent or two at the local supermarket’s consignment desk? He’s a genial character who’s fabricated what can only be described as a fishing rod for bottles, allowing him to dig deep for that hidden (glass) treasure. If you often see him around, please ask him for his contact details and email them over to r.kelleher@thewordmagazine.com as we’re very keen on profiling him for our next print edition.

Looking for sentimental stories of much-loved old cars… 

Have you got a special attachment to your car? Maybe you got it from your first boyfriend, or a favourite Granddad? Perhaps it’s full of dents and memories and stories…? If you’ve got a car that’s been with you thick and thin or that you love like it’s part of the family, email r.kelleher@thewordmagazine.com with your love stories.