Together with photographer Clement Montagne, we’ll soon be launching a new series of fashion editorials. To do so, we’re looking for women to photograph. Real women. Women with an edge and an attitude. And women willing to shoot nudes. Above all, we’re not looking for the classic model. Rather, we’re looking for the anti-model. Models with unruly beauty spots, intrusive scars, lazy eyes or just the right dose of imperfections and cheek. Here’s what you need to do if this fits your script.

  1. Email a couple of recent pictures of yourself to and
  2. Add a few words about yourself to the email. What you do, what best describes your character and why you think you’re different?
  3. Finally, give us some practical details: Where you are based, your date of birth and an idea of your height, shapes and forms.

We’ll get back to you shortly if we feel there’s a match to be made and a story to be told. For the sake of clarity though: we’ll be running a few, unpaid tests first. If we get to what we like, and work with you for our published series, the job will obviously be paid.

Lastly, to give you an idea of the direction we’re hoping to take, here are several of Clement’s most recent works.