In the mood for design and interiors. Maison et Objet 2009

Went up to Paris to catch the good, the bad and the downright ugly at Maison et Objet . First observation, I was astonished at the amount of Belgian companies specialising in outdoor furniture. Royal Botania had one of the largest surfaces at the fair. Extremis seemed to have the main spot at the fair, and even tried to get people talking with its Speakers’ Corner. And Domani was there presenting, amongst others, its Whitegold collection designed by Stefan Schoning. Not in the outdoor area but impressive nonetheless, was Ethnicraft‘s showcase, a mix of down-to-earth tables and crafty shelving units. Beyond the Belgian contingency, a couple of manufacturers and design editors caught my eye more than most. Here’s part one of a brief run-down of those that deserve a mention.

Lao – Les Ateliers Ouverts

Consisting of wood workers Benoit Langlade and Ludovic Avenel and designer Gaetan Coulaud, Lao‘s products are innovative and nifty affairs, appealingly simple in their conception. Their table garden was especially refreshing, and apparently a hit with pensioners. Can’t wait to be over 65 if this is what awaits us…

Lao's table garden

Lao's table garden


Founded by Stéphane Arriubergé and Massimiliano Iorio of Domestic fame, Moustache is a small-scale design editor firmly rooted in 21st century ideals.  Think functionalism, think minimalism. “Less is more” rather than “big is better”. The company’s debut collection presents the works of designers such as  Big-Game (part of Atelier A1 and a clear Word favourite), Inga Sempé and Matali Crasset to name but  few. If the company’s first presentation is anything to go by, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this baby.

Moustache's stand with Inga Sempé's "Vapeur" lamp (top left), Matali Crasset's "Instant" chair (middle) and Big Game's "Bold" chair (bottom and top right)

Moustache's stand with Inga Sempé's "Vapeur" lamp (top left), Matali Crasset's "Instant" chair (middle) and Big Game's "Bold" chair (bottom and top right)

Design House Stockholm

Bringing to the fore Swedish design in all its comic simplicity, Design House Stockholm combines affordability with ingenuity. I loved the company’s Work Lamp (designed by Form us with Love) as well as its set of Family Chairs by Lina Nordqvist.

Lina Nordqvist's Family Chairs, with Form us with Love's Work Lamp.

Lina Nordqvist's "Family Chairs", with Form us with Love's "Work Lamp".

In a following post, I’ll be continuing what came out of Maison et Objet with small titbits on Areaware, Concha Bay and Danish Crafts.