Make.Brussels: 10 workshops you must attend

As we announced yesterday, Atrium.Brussels is about to launch Make.Brussels, an ambitious call for projects which draws on the power of local creative talent to bring the groove back to downtown Brussels’ 10 retail districts – Dansaert, Neuve, Sainte-Catherine, Saint-Jacques, Sablon, Mont des Arts, Marolles, Notre-Dame-aux-Neiges, Grand Place et Midi-Lemonnier. And, with 30,000 euros in prize money awarded to the ten selected projects, stakes couldn’t be any higher. So, to ensure that everyone involved understands exactly what kind of projects to submit and how, 10 information sessions are being held starting Monday 4th April to guide you through the process. Find out when and where these workshops are being held below.

Attend one or several of the following information sessions to maximise the chances of your project getting picked:

  1. Monday 4th April: Saint-Jacques at Cercle des Voyageurs (18, Rue des Grands Carmes)
  2. Tuesday 5th April: Sainte-Catherine at Micro Marché (9, Quai à la Houille)
  3. Wednesday 6th April: Midi-Lemonnier at 60, Avenue de Stalingrad
  4. Thursday 7th April: Dansaert at Halle Saint-Géry (1, Place Saint-Géry)
  5. Friday 8th April: Sablon at 21, Rue Ernest Allard
  6. Monday 11th April: Grand Place at Le Pain Quotidien
  7. Tuesday 12th April: Notre-Dame-aux-Neiges at 146, Rue Royale
  8. Wednesday 13th April: Neuve at Micro Marché (9, Quai à la Houille)
  9. Thursday 14th April: Marolles at Pin Pon (62, Place du Jeu de Balle)
  10. Friday 15th April: Mont des Arts at BIP (2-4, Place Royale)

Given the limited amount of places available at each workshop, putting your name down on the list is recommended. Drinks and nibbles on the house.