We asked a coterie of home-grown heroes – contemporary artists, politicians, typography students and publishers – to send a strong message to Europe, restricting themselves to the square-shaped medium of Post-its. A declaration of love, anger and hope.

Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven is an Antwerp local, post-punk contemporary artist and one half of pioneering noise collective Club Moral.
Kunsthal Extra City is an Antwerp-based contemporary art centre focussing on sociopolitical urbanity.

This small guy may remind you of Fido Dido from the 7 UP adverts’, but he’s actually the mascot from the For Dummies book series. I took this figure to raise the question, “Why are we Belgian youths so uneducated when it comes to Leopold II’s colonisation of Congo?” If no one’s going to teach us, then it’s up to us to learn about this terrible story ourselves.
Only Tears of Joy – this one speaks for itself.
This hyperlink will lead you to an explanation of the proverb de hete aardappel doorgeven – a very common occurrence in Belgian politics and beyond. I’m referring especially to the hijab debate ongoing and how responsibility is often dumped on the implied communities. Anybody should be able to wear whatever he or she wants in order to express their beliefs and interest, anywhere.
Pulling into London’s St Pancras International, the first thing you’ll see is the giant clock. Until a year ago, it was also the site of Tracey Emin’s love message to Europe, I Want My Time With You.

Tom Volkaert is an artist based in Antwerp, one of the city’s rising stars.

Lisa Vlaemminck, visual artist and painter. Vlaemminck was inspired by a fait divers dating back to a couple of years ago, where a tattoo artist was sued by one of his clients for covering her face in stars.
Yasmin Van der Rauwelaert, visual artist and one half of the Antwerp-based Fluxus-induced pop duo De Batteries.
Jonas Apers, visual artist and painter. His Post-it is based on the work of anarchist and all-round absurdist Jan Bucquoy.

The Avant-Guardian is a periodical print publication published by experimental music platform KRAAK.
Pascal Smet is the Brussels-Capital Region’s Minister of Mobility and Public Works, and a member of the sp.a party.

Europe should aim to be a place where people don’t have to be dicks to each other. Instead, we need more hope, trust, love and luck. Especially for the Belgian team at Euro 2020!

Subbacultcha Belgium is an independent network for new music and culture.

Europe is cosmopolitan, Europe is a vector of opportunity, Europe is Erasmus, and Europe is Brussels. That’s what Europe means to us European students of typography at La Cambre.
We developed a list of words that describe Europe such as movement, language, studies, mix, optimism and network. These were then reinterpreted into pictograms and later superimposed and translated into more specific ideas and concepts, such as the four qualifiers of our introduction. These Post-its explore the possibility of communicating with symbols and signs rather than with words.

L’Atelier de Typographie is La Cambre’s typography design department.

Nie Wieder Faschismus

This image, titled No. 280, is one of the four Sonderkommando photographs. Taken by an Auschwitz prisoner, they reveal not only the use of gas chambers, but more generally the horrors of what life was like inside a Nazi extermination camp. Taken from inside the gas chambers, No. 280 “shows” the burning of corpses by Sonderkommandos, work units of fellow captives forced to work the gas chambers. The EU is an imperfect, unorganised, undetermined and unfocused union – everything the Third Reich was not. In order to keep working on the prosperity and peace of and for the people of Europe, we must never forget how and why the EU is what it’s not.

Kasper Demeulemeester is a photographer, philosopher and visual artist from Brussels.
Charlemagne Palestine is a Brussels-based New Yorker working in audio-visual and performance arts since his youth.
Teresa Cos is an Italian-born artist combining film and music, and is currently based between Brussels and London. She recently completed a residency at WIELS.

Europe consists of plenty of beauty and wisdom with its rich history and diverse mix of cultures. Sadly, nowadays, these resources and powers are not being used to their full potential, which makes it hard to find a healthy balance. We need a new sense of direction, synchronicity and more balance between our freedom and responsibilities.

Atelier Brenda is a creative studio based in Ostend and Brussels, and established in 2012 by Nana Esi and Sophie Keij.