Parisian duo Logo first popped up on our radar with their phenomenal track Junocide, which was released on Kitsuné Maison Compilation, Vol. 8 back in November 2009. Having just released their latest EP, Merit, we caught up with the merry bunch via email 10 days ago to talk recording sessions, summer plans and the best pop band in Paris…

Where are you right now? What time is it?

We are in Krakow for the Selector festival. In our hotel room. It’s 3pm. It’s time to eat some Nutella.
What is the first thing you see from wherever you are?
We see a great place, we don’t really know more about it, but krakow seems to be a cool place.
Your latest EP, Merit, sounds more pop-y than your first one, La Vie Modern. Is this a conscious decision on your part to conquer the airwaves…
Pop-y! Yes sure. Maybe more house music style, specialy for the original and auto-remix versions of Merit. Those tracks are maybe more catchy. We started making electronic music at the end of the 90’s at the topreach of house music and acid house, more precisely at its top commercial peak. It still has a great influence on us, it remind us of our childhood. So, it’s not conscious, but more of a naturally thing. But its still club music except for “hello.jpg”.
Can you tell us a bit about the year you’ve had since the release of La Modern and Merit? Lots of touring I suppose….
Yes, lots of touring. We took a lot of time to find the best configuration for our live show, learn to use it, and build our live set as we released only one EP…so during the creation of our live, we created new tracks very naively and naturely. “Merit” is part of those tracks we created during the bulding of the live. Then, we made music for a documentary, it was very interessting for us. That’s true that in the mp3-era, one year is an eternity! But come on, we got such a good remix package for this release!
And could you describe the recording sessions for Merit…how long did it take to record? Where was it recorded? What was on your mind at the time?
The recording session was a classical session. Some technical problems, especially on the remix we made for “hello.jpg” as we lost the session, so the version is very rough and the synth part was recorded live and in one take. But we like it in this way. We didn’t realy have a state of mind during the recording sessions, we only wanted to make something different than the previous EP.
You’ve enlisted the remix talents of a number of producers, from Bot’ox, Mercury and Total Warr to Black Devil Disco Club and Briefs. How did you go about choosing them?
Yes, we’re very proud of all the remixes, they’re all different. Having Bernard Fevre (of Black Devil Disco Club) as a remixer is such an honor as he represents a great influence for us. For Bot’ox, we did a remix for them, on the “Overdrive” track and we wanted to have this “win-win” strategy with them, so we asked them to do a remix too. And it’s an amazing one. Total Warr are very good friends of ours, they are certainly the best pop band in Paris. They’re about to release an excellent EP on the 7th June. Briefs is a young american producer, who we’re sure we’re going to hear a lot more of. He’s got so many good tracks. His remix is a killer dancefloor banger, like Pierre Henry meeting Derrick Carter. And we got this amazing remix by Mercury, we already loved their EP “Grand prix de Monaco“, one of the freshest thing we heard. They’re excellent producers.
Which producer is on the top of your list for future remixes?
So many…Julio Bashmore or Tom Trago are definitely the guys we follow a lot today. Tom Trago just released “Iris”, with this amazing summer jam  “Steppin out” featuring Romanthony. There is also Braille, who made this amazing house track “the year 3000“. Catz’n’Dogz have great productions. They’re so many new things to listen to … in France for example, we got this new scene with Marble, the label formed by Para one, Surkin and Bobmo, they’re releasing amazing EPs. Guys like Canblaster are very interesting, when we listen to his tracks we feel in the last stage of Flashback on megadrive. Darabi, guys from Rennes, make clostrophobic house. We love their tracks too. Techno music is in such a good mood today. It’s very exciting.
What is your summer looking like? Are you doing a lot of the festivals? Which ones?
This summer will be huge, we’ll introduce our new live show in big festivals. We go to Japan for Summersonic, to Calvi, to Benicassim, and so much other great festivals. Check our Facebook page, all our dates are in our bandpage. We can’t wait to play at Calvi.
When will you get back in the studio and work on your LP?
We’re not really thinking about an LP today. Nothing is planned. We don’t really want to make an album which will be a collection of our previous EPs … and we have to keep working.
If Merit was a car, which one would it be?
A Renault Espace. But the 80’s model.
If it were a movie or TV series, which one would it be?
Breaking Bad for sure, our favorite serie.
And if it was a city?
Rungis, in France…
What website can’t you live without?
Can you, in a few lines, tell us about ‘your’ Paris? Where do you meet friends for drinks? Where do you buy music? What’s your favourite clothes shop? Which neighbourhood/arrondissement do you hang out most in? What is the one thing you’d recommend a tourist to do/visit in Paris
mmh…we are not really big into clubbing, we prefer spending time with our friends in apartments. And we don’t only have DJ friends. If we can recommend doing anything in Paris, it’d just be to get lost in the street.
What’s the last album you bought?
Dangerous by Michael Jackson, we bought it ten years ago.
What’s the last gig you went to?
Springfestival in Graz, Austria. Amazing, and we were with Carte Blanche, there live is just perfect.
If you had a choice, would you opt for a live show or a DJ set?
Definitely a live show, but dj sets can be cool in tiny clubs.

Logo’s Merit is out now on Kitsune (2011). Buy it from iTunes here