Our brand new June-July issue is out and about, and here are the opening words courtesy of our editor-in-chief.

To celebrate this issue, we’re teaming up with Rémy Martin and Hunting and Collecting for a little get-together today, and we’d love for you to join us.

People going about it solo. People that inspire. People fighting the good fight. People that stick together. People with balls. People that build. People living in fear. People that dance. People doing their thing. People that create. People living under pressure. People that adapt. People with compassion. People that forgive. People the victims of domestic abuse. People that engage. People battling addiction. People that laugh. People standing up. People that cry. People fighting for equality. People that live. People struggling with mental issues. People that live on. People living in poverty. People that support and sustain. People spreading the knowledge. People that stand true. People giving back. People that document. People holding society up to a higher standard. People that advocate. People defending the weak. People that love. People taking risks. People that Pazop.

My kind of rebels.