With our new website comes a renewed editorial focus, the thinking being that if we give themes to our print edition, it’s only normal that these web-pages get given the same treatment. So, editorial themes for our website too then. And, keeping in line with the breath of fresh air currently taking over the office (we’re still all so excited by our new website, we cannot help but think of stories and features that’d make it proud), we are thrilled to announce that, starting Friday 16th March, the theme for the next few weeks will be ‘New beginnings’.

What do we mean by ‘New beginnings’? Here are a couple of pointers:

  • Bands and brands that have recently taken on a new name in a bid to reshape their image and positioning (and we’re not talking about a Belgian bank’s recent lopsided attempt at re-branding itself).
  • Career changes and rehabilitations (you know, like those recently laid-off finance folks that suddenly remodel themselves as born-again eco-warriors).
  • Urban spaces that get a new lease of life (breweries that become art galleries, churches that are renovated into sprawling loft complexes and the lot).
  • Magazines and newspapers that change format, paper stock or editorial formulas.
  • Photographers of tomorrow: the new batch of talent coming out of graduate schools.
  • A curated gallery of Facebook screenshots of that magical moment when you announced the birth of your child to your friends.

And that’s just for starters (no pun intended).

Our new website has also made us realise the importance of our network. You might take this to mean that we’re increasingly going to make you, our esteemed readers, work a little more, although we’d prefer thinking that we’re including you in the content production phase of these here pages.

What this means? Here are some call to action:

  • If you know of inspiring individuals who’ve recently made a sharp u-turn in their career path, get in touch. We’re looking for radical examples of life-changing decision-takers, anything from a reformed banker now working on a farm to a former drug-addict having taking a turn for the best.
  • If you’re a photographer still at college and believe you represent the future of Belgian photography, send us your portfolio (wewrite@thewordmagazine.be). We have an idea for you.
  • If you know of Belgian bands that have recently changed their names for varying reasons, let us know. Little trouble kids, formerly knowns as Boston Tea Party, are a good example.
  • If you’ve recently announced the birth of your child on your Facebook wall, send a screenshot to wewrite@thewordmagazine.be. The best wordings, with the most comments and likes will get picked.

Exciting times…