On tips for sustainable urban lifestyles, by Dot-to-dot

In a time of increasingly complexified urban life, it can be tricky to navigate oneself through the numerous paths and options laid at our feet. What does it mean to be sustainable and eco-conscious? What can we as individuals achieve through our lifestyles? How to successfully combine the agricultural with the urban? What kind of participative citizen do I want to be? Luckily three Brussels-based creatives have come up with the tools to steer you into the right direction. Corentine Jaunard (1987), Lauriane Godard (1986) and Agustina Peluffo (1981) are the founders of upstart online magazine Dot-to-dot which was launched in March 2017, and discuss why they feel the need to create a platform on sustainable urban lifestyle.

Visuals by Thomas Ost (c).

Dot-to-dot was born only a few months ago. We created the online magazine because we felt that Brussels needed something new when it comes to sustainable urban lifestyle. We were missing a platform that brought together everything you have to know about ecology, sustainable living or simply carving out a better life for yourself in the city, and so decided to start our own. Something fresher than the booklets you come across in organic shops, with a bolder identity but which doesn’t talk to only a restricted few. We thought it was important to open the dialogue to everyone because, in the end, we all want to improve our everyday lives or, at the every least, eat better. As we all have backgrounds in graphic design or illustration, it wasn’t difficult for us to build a new media with a playful look and a caring tone which all converged towards the same intent: to connect, share and highlight. And putting together a team of contributors was easier than you’d think.

“We remind them that every step, small or big, is important.”

From illustrators to writers, a bunch of creative – some of them friends – quickly gravitated towards our project to submit various ideas. Through recipes, DIY tips, interviews of people and other types of content, our goal is to inspire and help our readers to find their way in the shift they’re trying to make. We remind them that every step, small or big, is important and that, eventually, the power of accumulation and aggregation will reveal itself. “No pressure” is kind of our underlining motto and a constant reminder that everyday provides the opportunity to do something better. We all live with some contradictions but we’re all subject to improvement. Nobody receives a pat on the back, a medal or a trophy saying “Congratulations, you’re done with questioning yourself or trying to be a better person!” It’s really a work in progress. We’ve been thinking about it for a while now but we do feel we currently are at a momentum. Lots of people are switching careers in order to pursue some dreams that one would have, only a few years ago, considered somewhat eccentric. But we think those people in search of meaning are a good ground to start something new. Maybe it’s a bit cheesy to say but revolution starts from the ground on up. We do feel it’s important citizens take a lead that the government will, invariably, end up following. Plus, starting this revolution from the ground is kind of an asset in many ways: no boundaries, no pressure from another level, no confinement and this excitement of shaping something from scratch with inspiring people. And even though the magazine is online, the idea of a print publication is still one we’re considering. At the same time though, we love the possibility that the Internet offers: more flexibility in the type of contents or even in our own organisation. It means that we don’t freak out if we don’t make a deadline. If remaining dedicated to our readers is indeed a priority, remaining kind to ourselves is one too. “No pressure,” remember?