Ménage à deux: When fashion, art and lifestyle collide

Photography Pauline Miko

The idea of concept stores as consumerist hotspots that have drastically re-shaped people’s shopping experiences by making fashion, lifestyle and art central to their retail mix is given something of a local relevance in the form of Israel-born Ran Yaniv and Russian-born Vanessa Vukovic’s soon-to-be-launched project, the cutely-named ‘Ménage à deux’.

After initially joining forces behind the decks as DJ duo ‘Ménage à deux’, the pair quickly became unseperable and decided to embark on an even bigger (ad)venture together. Since Vanessa had already made a name for herself as co-designer for Shampoo & Conditioner, she’ll be leading the way in terms of the boutique’s fashion offering, focusing on and creating her own line of clothing, whilst Ran will essentially be manning the business side of things. That being said, he’s far from being a fashion virgin, having in the past managed Brussels vintage staple Idiz Bogam. And, despite ‘Ménage à deux’ stocking many other labels and products, the boutique’s main focus remains Vanessa’s creations . “My line is very feminine and flatters the female body of all shapes and ages”, the La Cambre graduate says to describe her collection. Think dark shades and the odd playful detail or two (feathers, contrasting colours). What is more, each and everyone of her designs can be tailored in the shop’s own studio, “because some women just do not fit into a standard 36 or 38”, continues Vanessa. A concept store that vividly captures the spirit of our times, then, and one which doesn’t loose its sense of reality. Lovely.

‘Ménage à deux’ opens shop on 13th October.

Rue de Flandre 120 Vlaamsesteenweg, 1000 Brussels

‘Ménage à deux’ is subsidised by the OpenSoon initiative of the Belgian government which aims to promote fresh and innovative retail start-ups that add a dash of independence and character to your neighbourhood’s shopping landscape.