Miam Miam Bio: Organic food Grandma-style

OpenSoon is a new initiative spearheaded by the Belgian government which aspires to freshen up your local shopping strip by supporting new businesses that have that certain edge. In part two of a four-part feature profiling a hand-picked selection of some of Brussels’ most innovative entrepreneurs, we bring you Miam Miam Bio, an organic food shop and tasting room that puts Grandma’s secrets at the heart of its concept.

Photography Pauline Miko

The idea of the awkward hippie eco-warrior being the only one who shops with a conscience is long gone. Indeed, with the interest in and demand for organic food constantly on the up and up, it is no surprise that bio concepts of all shape and form have popped up on the retail landscape, with certain supermarkets going as far as launching their own organic and bio ranges.

Fact is, eating bio is nothing new, as Casablanca native and Miam Miam Bio founder Houria Aglham (36), who moved to Brussels in 2000 for love (her husband is Belgian), readily admits. What makes her soon-to-be-opened concept unique is not its mere use of biological products, but the fact that all fruits and vegetables will be sterilised and preserved in jars. By reviving an old tradition and bringing a Grandma-approach back to the kitchen, the fresh-faced grocer uses an antiquated preserving technique to tackle problems posed by the so-called cold chain, the food industry’s on-going battle to deal with the high costs and logistical challenges of transporting food products whilst keeping them fresh.

Backed by its Grandma-style preserved fruit and vegetables Miam Miam Bio offers all-natural ready-made meals that you can enjoy at home, in the shop’s tasting room or even on its summer terrace. To round off the green shopping experience, the organic products on offer also include spices, oils and drinks. Located next to the lively and ever more trendy Parvis de Saint-Gilles (the eco-warrior’s de facto headquarters if there ever was one), Miam Miam Bio nailed the retail industry’s golden rule of ‘location location location’, as Houria affirms: “The demand for organic products is growing constantly, especially in this neighbourhood.” And by combining environmental sustainability with a healthy diet this promising concept fulfills every eco-shopper’s dreams. The fact that they brought Grandma back into the mix makes it that much better still.

Miam Miam Bio opens shop this November.

Photography Pauline Miko

Miam Miam Bio, Rue du Fort 7 Fortstraat – 1060 Brussels