It’s been a while in the making (we first started wire-framing it back in December 2011), but we’re incredibly proud to announce that our new website hits the web today. Beyond its impeccably streamlined design, it comes with added features and, most importantly, four editorial sections that are now fully aligned to our print edition’s – Life, Style, Music, Culture. Oh, and let us not forget the little newcomer: Exclusives (a section that regroups those features that are, as the name suggest, web-exclusive).

So, what’s really new to this website of ours?

For starters, the team of dedicated contributors we’ve pieced together. Supervising it all we have our in-house editorial assistant Sarah Schug, who joined us back in September of last year and mostly takes care of our music and cultural pages. Taking a closer look at the copy and embellishing it ‘a la Word’ is Rose Kelleher, a regular contributor to our print edition who recently started editing the magazine’s paper section. On the writing front, we have Philippe Pourhashemi (our eyes and ears on all things fashion), Damien Aresta (one third of our design team who’ll mostly be writing about music and other stuff close to his heart and who was recently voted number 10 in Le Vif’s top 100 Tweeters in Belgium – and Marcus Barnes (based in London, and who’ll be taking care of adding a little UK flavour to our weekly selection of things to do). On the photography side, we have Grégoire Pleynet (who recently worked his magic for our ‘Just the two of us’ feature) and Pauline Miko (who’se been aiming her lens at our on-and-off suggestions) as well as the usual print culprits (Sarah Eechaut, Melika Ngombe and Veerle Frissen).

Quentin & Geoffroy Delobel

Quentin and Geoffroy Delobel from Central Design

What else is new?

This is where it gets a little more technical. Browsing-friendly image galleries now dominate most posts (a dedicated section is set to be added in the days to come), social media networks have fully been integrated at every level of every page, our related articles function is now truly on-point (with colour-coded perfection in certain cases), users also have the possibility to leave comments in a much easier fashion than previously and, last but surely not least, our archive of back issues has also been given a fresh make-over, making it that much simpler to download those you’ve missed (although we’d strongly recommend you purchased the print edition, obviously). Our YouTube channel and Issuu homepage also get given a little more prominence.

It might not sound like a lot to you seasoned digital junkies, but trust us, these little tweaks are what makes a website great these days. And we have the Central team (the incomparable Delobel brothers, Geoffroy and Quentin, and their sidekick David Geilfus) to thank for this. The pair have tirelessly been framing, designing and coding for the last few months, putting up with our every demands and making sure the site makes good on the print edition. And, although we might be a tad subjective here, they’ve well and truly outdone themselves.

Hope you enjoy this new site of ours as much as we do.

Nicholas Lewis