We’re having ourselves a little boogie to celebrate our Brussels Special hitting stores, calling upon some of the city’s finest DJs to turn the party out. It’s all happening on Friday 28th November, right after the edition’s official release at Hunting and Collecting, in the stunning venue that is BIP‘s Salle des Guichets. That’s right, right across the road from our beloved King’s Palace. Read on for full info and line-up.

  Pre-order our upcoming issue, The Brussels Special, here.

Join us for the edition’s official release party at Hunting and Collecting here.

We’ll start off slowly with an opening set by Holger’s Captain Starlight, let 22tracks’ Kong take things over to add a little punch to the dance floor then hand mixing duties over to local princess Soumaya Dancemachine before finally asking Libertine’s own Rick Shiver to end the night with his customary disco-funk delights.

For fun and foolishness, we have inflatables, make-pretend birthday presents of all size and shape and bucket loads of confettis. Coz, you know, we’re going to party like it’s our birthday.

Here’s for night’s schedule:

22h00 – 23h00: Captain Starlight (Holger)
23h00 – 00h00: DJ Kong (Studio Brussel)
00h00 – 01h00: Soumaya Dancemachine (High needs low)
01h00 – 03h00: Rick Shiver (Libertine)

And here’s for the entrance:

  • 5 euros + a free drink before midnight.
  • 10 euros after midnight.

With extra special thanks to our sponsors Absolut Vodka, Vedett and BIP.