Pre-order the new and updated edition of This is Belgium

After having taking the world by storm with our first edition of This is Belgium back in April 2014, we’re set to release a new and update edition of the famed guidebook to Belgium by the end of November. You can now already pre-order the book, so we thought we’d give you a full rundown of its content.

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Lists, picks and selections that’ll feature in our new and updated edition of This is Belgium, which you can now pre-order, include:

  • 28 museums and art centres
  • 4 iconic Belgian prog-rock releases
  • Baloji on Ghent
  • 32 contemporary art galleries
  • 8 iconic Belgian jazz-funk releases
  • JeanJass on Charleroi
  • 14 spaces for emerging art
  • 7 iconic Belgian punk-new wave releases
  • Robert Devriendt on Brugge
  • 40 record stores
  • 3 iconic Belgian oddball releases
  • Didier Reynders on Brussels
  • 30 live music venues
  • 3 iconic Belgian rap releases
  • 30 shopping addresses
  • Liv Vaisberg on Antwerp
  • 20 food shopping addresses
  • 12 world food restaurants
  • 6 iconic Brussels restaurants


With original artwork by Joke De Wilde, Miles Fischer, Eva Donckers, Thomas Ost, texts by Nadia Rivera, Dorien Schelfhout, Sarah Schug and Nicholas Lewis and including over 200 new adresses, 4 sections (See, Hear, Buy & Eat), 13 lists and 184 pages in total.