Six shows not to miss at KVS next season

As one of Brussels’ most forward-thinking center for the performing arts, the sheer breadth of KVS’ programme – a mix of dance, theatre and music – never fails to hit just the right spot as far as we’re concerned. To help you pick a few prime contenders to pencil into your agenda, as well as to make sure you take advantage of the season’s early bird prices available until 31st May, we’ve scoured their listing to select six sure shots.

1. Cold Blood (From 16th September 2016 to 17th March 2017)

ColdBlood_Affiche01 (c) Julien LambertLW copy

Jaco Van Dormael, the director behind iconic films such as ‘Toto le héros’ and ‘Mr. Nobody’, never shies away from taking a more experimental approach. At KVS, he’ll be presenting Cold Blood, a collective work that threads a fine line between film and nano-dance, or choreography of the hands, a technique developed by Van Dormael and his wife Anne De Mey. A chance to witness Van Dormer’s distinctive touch in an entirely new light.

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2. Malcolm X (From 14th October to 22nd October 2016)

Fikry El Azzouzi tells the story of human rights activist Malcolm X using modern day Brussels as a backdrop. In an energetic performance, the timely, societal questions raised by the play, combined with an explosive mix of music, dance and theatre, make Malcolm X a show not to miss.

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3. Macbeth (22nd October)

Shakespeare’s classic gets some new clothes in Zuidpool’s latest production. Together with musical chameleon Mauro Pawlowski, the iconic play is to be reinvented in the most unexpected way, its contemporary take on the original blurring the boundaries between theatre and live concert.

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4. We are pretty fucking far from okay (9th and 10 February 2017)

We're pretty fuckin' far (rechtenvrij) copy

For the third installent in her triptych of danse performances, Lisbeth Gruwez explores bodily reflexions in regards to fear. With styling and costumes by Veronique Branquinho, expect to be unsettled and unnerved.

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5. NO43 Filth (27th and 28th October)

Filth_I(c)Tiit Ojasoo

In NO99’s latest production, spectators can observe nine people on stage. But who are they? Researching human emotions, and humanity in its entirety, the public realises that the actors are mere symbols of ourselves.

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6. Mockumentary of a contemporary saviour (14th to 22nd April 2017)

Mockumentary_4luik_Photo_WimVandekeybusDEF copy

Wim Vandekeybus, one of the country’s quintessential choreographers that heavily contributed towards making Belgium a reference in contemporary dance, presents Mockumentary of a contemporary saviour. With his Molenbeek-based studio he portrays an imaginary messiah in a surreal atmosphere. In Vandekeybus’ world, imagination has free reign, and spectators are urged to reflect on their own existence.

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Three more shows to catch at KVS

1. Peeping Tom’s ‘Moeder’

2. Michael De Cock’s Kamyon

3.  Sabrina Mahfouz’ ‘Slow #1’

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