TempoColor’s food for thought and more STUFF.


1. Michel Vanden Eeckout at Box Gallery

Belgian photographer Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt has just been nominated for the prestigious Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, whose previous winners have included photography luminaries like Alec Soth and Stephen Shore. Brussels’ Box Gallery is currently hosting a show of Michel’s compelling black-and-white photographs, in which he demonstrates a keen interest in the relationship between animals and humans as well as the underprivileged members of contemporary society.

Opening 20 September
Box Gallery,  Rue du Mailstraat 88 – 1050 Brussels

2. Kate Newby at La Loge

kate newby

New Zealand artist Kate Newby is part of a new generation of installation artists and she’s bringing her exciting practice to Brussels’ La Loge. Her work is very much characterised by the dialogue she exchanges with the exhibition space, something that is very evident once again in ‘Maybe I won’t go to sleep at all’. Newby’s practice is inspired by her immediate environment, including language, objects, architecture and personal relationships.

Opening 19 September
La Loge, Rue de l’Ermitage 86 Kluisstraat – 1050 Brussels

3. Maya Hayuk at Alice Gallery


The exhibition ‘Head Light’ features a selection of works by Maya Hayuk, an American artist whose practice unites contemporary painting with pop culture references and Ukrainian folk motifs. Her vibrantly colourful murals are a bit like psychedelic experiences and can be found on buildings from China to the Bahamas. Starting this weekend in Brussels’ Alice Gallery.

Opening 19 September
Alice Gallery, Rue du pays de Liège 4 Land van Luikstraat – 1000 Brussels

4. Jeunes Collectioneurs at Maison Particulière

Maison Particulière is a non-profit art organisation set in a private Belgian townhouse where collectors exhibit pieces from their personal collections. None of the artworks are for sale, and the pieces are selected by the collectors themselves. Seven young thirty-something collectors from Belgium, Luxembourg, and France are currently offering up a fresh, surprising exhibition, with Fabrice Samyn as their guest artist.

Opening 19 September
Maison Particulière, Rue du Chatelain 49 Kateleinstraat – 1050 Brussels

5. STUFF. at Bar du Matin


In the midst of recording their debut album, Ghent-based five-piece STUFF., fresh off the back of a live session at Lefto’s Studio Brussels show, recorded an exclusive mix for us, blending everything from alternative hip-hop and jazz to electro and soul. This weekend you can experience them live and in the flesh at Bar du Matin.

19 September, 21h00
Bar Du Matin, Chaussée d’Alsemberg 172 Alsembergse Steenweg – 1190 Brussels


6. Diederik Boyen at Galerie Ludwig Trossaert


Blurred Boundaries is currently presenting the work of Belgian painter Diederik Boyen, who explores the search for identity in his photorealistic paintings. His somber and intriguing creations, which are mainly portraits, are both disturbing and fascinating.

Until 28 September
Galerie Ludwig Trossaert, Museumstraat 29 – 2000 Antwerp

7. Henri Jacobs at LLS 387

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 12.53.42

Henri Jacobs, who hails from the Netherlands but who is now established in Brussels, has an obsession with drawing in notebooks. He has accumulated a collection of 680 down through the years and Antwerp’s LLS 387 is now showcasing a selection of 40 of his journal drawings as well as a large-scaled wall-drawing and several tapestries. Using watercolours, ink, and pencils, he makes drawings based on geometrical signs and abstract or figurative thoughts.

Until 20 October
LLS 387, Lange Leemstraat 387 – 2018 Antwerp


8. Let’s eat each other at Chiroux


As part of this year’s Tempocolor festival – a weekend of concerts, exhibitions and more around the theme of ‘the right to food’ – Liège’s Chiroux are presenting an expo in which contemporary artists explore issues like intensive agriculture and the popularity of fast food. Featuring works by Laura El Tantawy, Daesung Lee and Daniel Rosenthal.

Until 16 October
Les Chiroux, Places des Carmes 8 – 4000 Liège

9. Jackie Nickerson at Galerie Satellite

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 12.58.18

American photographer Jackie Nickerson spent several years in Zimbabwe, during which she shot her Farm series, a collection of intimate and powerful portraits of African agricultural workers. “I wanted the viewer to be challenged to look at Africa in a different way and also for the images to have an aesthetic, a beauty. So I focused on identity though improvisation,” said the photographer in conversation with Cult Magazine.

Until 17 November
Galerie Satellite, Rue du Mouton Blanc, 20 – 4000 Liège


10. Manor Grunewald at Fortlaan 17

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 12.59.03

Young Ghent-based painter Manor Grunewald is only in his 20s but he’s already exhibited in San Francisco and New York. He’s currently presenting a number of new works in his hometown’s Galerie Fortlaan 17 – a nostalgic ensemble called ‘Life’s a beach and then you die’ which he based on old family photos, and includes paintings, statues, letters and music.

Opening 20 September
Galerie Fortlaan 17, Fortlaan 17 –  9000 Ghent