Looked at from the right angle, a country’s classrooms will reveal quite a few of its demographic and socioeconomic realities to come, holding up a mirror vision of its future self if you will. Keen to take a look at what was in store, in-house photographer Thomas Ost criss-crossed the country far and wide, visiting various different secondary schools in a bid to capture the generations of tomorrow and, more specifically, how they differed from city-to-city, region-to-region.

Sint-Lukas Kunsthumaniora, Brussels (1060)

Chia (16)

Koninklijk Atheneum Emanuel Hiel, Brussels (1030)

Esra (16)

Bogaerts International School, Brussels (1180)

Kunstschool Genk, Genk (3500)

Arno (15)

Hibernia, Middelbare Steinerschool Antwerpen, Antwerp (2000)

Aranka (16)

Athénée Royal de Welkenraedt, Welkenraedt (4840)

Océane (15)