The Brussels Special – Party pictures

Virginie brought a picture of herself (and a few friends) for our Brussels Time Capsule. Pierre and Nicholas arrived two hours late (at their own damn launch). Bart and Alex left as soon as the beer had run out. Some douche bag stole Niels and Aude’s camera. The entire Base crew came along and boogied big time. Baptiste couldn’t resist giving us a hand picking up empties (one love). Tuana got lippy at the bar. Didier was looking as fabulous as ever. Lara had to break up a cat fight. Bettina and Sven finally turned up at 3am. And, well, the DJs most definitely saved our lives. All in all, it was a typical Brussels night, and it was just lovely. Here’s a selection of photographs courtesy of Lara Gasparatto.

Promo plug-in 1: Massive massive thank you to Aude and Niels at Hunting and Collecting, Micha and Terry at BIP, Oleg, Amina and Antoine at the bar, Captain Starlight, Kong, Soumaya and Rick at the decks, Nancy and Guillaume at the door, Laurent and all the team at Trafik, Wahib and Adrien at security, Sarah and Lara for absolutely everything, as well as to our partners Absolut and Vedett. 
Promo plug-in 2: Order our new issue and get Bruxelles fait son numéro, a photo-book made by Grégory Decock for The Word Magazine. 

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