A new kind of barbecue, the Feuerring combines art, design and enjoyment.

The Swiss steel sculptor Andreas Reichlin has developed and designed the “Feuerring” – the first of its kind – using solid steel plates and the highest standards of craftsmanship. The result is an aesthetic and patented designer item that has been reduced to its essentials and allows for food to be cooked simply, indirectly and healthily.

The artist uses special alloy steel for this splendid object. “The Feuerring is seamlessly welded; a real Feuerring appears to have been made in a single casting,”, says Andreas Reichlin. The Feuerring represents the successful symbiosis of design and superb practicality, irrespective of whether one wishes to prepare vegetarian food or a juicy steak. It can be used in a wide variety of ways; different temperature fields on the wide steel ring – towards the middle about 300 degrees Celsius, at the outer rim about half as hot – establish ideal conditions for grilling food of all kinds. The result is unadulterated flavour. For this reason, guests and barbecue experts agreed: the “Feuerring” is the barbecue of limitless opportunities.

The “Feuerring”: conviviality and the pleasure of sharing.

Gourmet chefs love the Feuerring

The Swiss gourmet chef Chris Züger is fulsome in his praise of the unique barbecue process: “With the Feuerring, it is easy to control cooking times. Trout, for example, can be placed on a wooden board, left to cook slowly and eaten two hours later – and tastes simply fantastic. In addition, the Feuerring exploits the principle of the cast iron frying pan: the more it is used, the better it grills and is protected from corrosion. Furthermore, the Feuerring is very easy to clean. With a brush, scoop, a cloth and a little oil it is quickly made ready for the next use.

The artist’s philosophy

The “Feuerring” encapsulates aspects of Andreas Reichlin’s outlook on life: the pleasure of spending time together with friends, holding interesting conversations, experiencing the ambience and warmth of an inspiring glowing fire, and enjoying the sight of the gentle preparation of high-quality food and even gourmet menus. The “Feuerring” therefore means: enjoying with all the senses!


As a modern hearth, the “Feuerring” encourages users to live and enjoy healthy lifestyles in all seasons.

Living the original

The philosophy behind the “Feuerring” hits a nerve in the present day and age. People want enjoyment, wish to live mindfully and act sustainably. The “Feuerring” has revolutionised the barbecue market, and has created demand. The unique patented “Feuerring” was launched on the market in 2009. It has attracted many imitators, who draw upon the “Feuerring” and the inherent concepts. But none have been able to match the perfect quality, form and function of the original. There are no grounds for criticism – unless one simply dislikes barbecues. Even then, the perfect barbecue experience and results are liable to win over even the most stubborn barbecue refuseniks.


The gourmet chef Chris Züger prepares food to perfection with his “Feuerring”.