If you were to illustrate the word ‘love’ through one photograph, what would it be? We’re planning on running a photography gallery on our website on Monday 13th February to be entitled The Love Movement. The idea is simple: curate an online collection of photographs that, in one way or the other, allude to the word ‘love’.

Love in its broadest of senses: tender love, rough love, twisted love, tainted love, puppy love, love actually, punch-drunk love, unrequited love, first love, broken love, etc…
We’ll select those images we think fit the script the best, and publish them in the gallery. Each photographer whose image is used for the gallery will be credited, of course. So, if you want to send us some photographs of yours to be considered for this project, please do so by sending them to us by email at wewrite@thewordmagazine.be, with the following information:
  • Who the photograph should be credited to?
  • A sentence describing the picture, and explaining your choice.
  • Any links you’d like us to add (yours or the photographers)
In terms of format, we will only publish horizontal or square images. Size should be 1024px wide. Deadline for submission is Thursday 9th February.