The orange album flyer

Whilst Pierre’s uploading our orange album to the printer’s servers and Damien’s toying around with the exact tone for our cover’s orange, we’re bringing the finishing touches to the edition’s release party.

The date and time: Friday 30th March from 19h onwards.

The venue for the evening: Studio Stiletto’s mesmerising new space,  owned by architects Jo Huygh, Frank Kerkhofs and Karine VanDoninck, in the heart of Brussels’ Dansaert area (Rue du Houblon 63 Hopstraat, 1000 Brussels – Find it on Google Maps)

What we have in store for you:

The edition’s highlights include

  • Five of the country’s brightest stars photographed by Sarah Eechaut
  • Eight industry heavyweights (including Diane Pernet of A Shaded View on Fashion fame) discussing the challenging times faces by emerging fashion designers
  • Six of the country’s most promising start-ups (one of which has just raised 1.125 million dollars)

Join the Facebook event page and see you all on the 30th.