The party we threw in Brussels for our new edition

MOANING CITIES brought a sitar to stage, the surprise guest, STAND UP, turned out to be a Gospel pop act, M.E.A.N came as guitar-wielding monks and NOURS stayed until the early hours of the morning, checking his phone for messages with a magnifier. The least you could say, and from the little we can actually remember, last Friday was a wild one. Order the new edition here, or find it on Belgian shelves here.

A big wet juicy kiss and tons of cuddles go out to the CATCLUB’s LADY JANE for her last-minute artistic vision and execution, TINE CLAERHOUT for the snaps, SARAH and JOKE for the meters of tape unfolded and heavy-lifting, ABSOLUT for the vodka, VEDETT and DUVEL for the beers, TITULUS for the wines and TRAFIK for making it all sound and look nice.