Chris Martin, Brussels

American artist Chris Martin (not to be confused with the Coldplay crooner) creates abstract, mostly large-scale paintings that are colourful, playful and that weave in and out of the relationship between sophisticated formalism and outsider art. This first solo exhibition at Rodolphe Janssen features, among others, Martin’s newspaper and glitter series, both characterised by extremely physical surfaces. The pieces reveal his spontaneous and experimental approach, with no small amount of evidence of the influence of his time spent in India, his exploration of psychedelics in the 1970’s and his job as an therapist for AIDS patients.

Opening 7th June
Exhibition runs until 14th July
Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Rue de Livourne 35 Livornostraat – 1050 Brussels

Emilie Pischedda, Brussels

Emilie Pischedda, who forms part of Brussels art collective Studio Stiletto (also known as the uber-cool venue for our orange album release party, remember?) and Project Diligence, now gets her own solo exhibition under the title ‘Simulacres’. She mainly focuses on photography, creating sequences of images that develop a fictional narrative, but with sculptures and installations forming part of the parcel, too.

Opening 7th June, 18h00-21h00
Exhibition runs until 7th July
Anyspace, Rue Van Eyckstraat 59 – 1050 Brussels

Arnaud Kool, Brussels

From the street to the studio: Belgian artist Arnaud Kool started out as a street artist and soon became a veritable master of the spray can, covering countless trains and city walls. In 2008 this painter and illustrator, who got his formal art education at La Cambre and St Luc, radically changed his approach by leaving his crew behind and has painted on canvas, alone in his studio, ever since. Come and see for yourself where this new path has taken him in his solo exhibition at Bodson-Emelinckx.

Opening 7th June, 18h00-21h00
Exhibition runs until 30th June
Bodson Emelinckx, Rue de Henninstraat 70 – 1050 Brussels

Aaron Curry, Brussels

A sense of form reminiscent of Mirò and Picasso, shapes that recall Noguchi and vibrant colours that evoke elements of pop art – the descriptions applied to the work of American artist Aaron Curry are many. The Texan has managed to carve out a niche for himself with his fantastical, bizarre and colourful sculptures, collages and paintings that all have one thing in common: fluctua- tion between the bi-dimensional and the tri-dimensional, shifting from the background to the foreground and back again. This play with dimensions is the signature attribute of the LA-based artist, and an aspect of his work that is vividly apparent in the current exhibition at Brussels’ Almine Rech Gallery. The show unites Curry’s handmade collages and paintings crafted out of cardboard with large-scale wood and metal sculptures that resemble abstract and, at times, animal- like organisms with biomorphic shapes and forms.

Until 33nd July
Almine Rech Gallery, Rue de l’Abbaye 20 Abdijstraat – 1050 Brussels

Jeremy Deller, Brussels

Jeremy Deller, English installation, conceptual and video artist, has been active in contemporary art for just about two decades, stretching its definition and, as some even claim, rewriting its rules. Wiels is now hosting an extensive overview of this very influential artist of our time, with all of Deller’s major works to date. The extensive oeuvre of 2004’s Turner prize winner includes everything from photographs, posters, banners and installations to performance work and sound pieces, that all come back to the prevalent theme of his art: People and their habits, symbols and social rituals. Intelligently but playfully, he explores the social landscapes of Western and especially British society, never without a dose of provocation. His most prominent project to date has been the public reenactment of a violent confrontation between coalminers and police during the 1984/85 Miner’s Strike, a participatory work that united almost 1,000 people.

Until 19th August
Wiels, Avenue Van Volxemlaan 354 – 1190 Brussels

Kino Climates, Brussels

Kino Climates is a network that was created in 2010 at Rotterdam’s film festival and whose purpose is to build connections between independent cinemas all over Europe. The network’s members will meet in Brussels this weekend to discuss strategy. And… especially for the occasion, countless film projectons, concerts and conferences are programmed for the viewing pleasure not only of the participants, but also for the public. A must-have for all you film nerds.

From 8th to 13th June
Cinema Nova, Rue d’Arenbergstraat 14 – 1000 Brussels

La Cambre Mode[s] SHOW 12, Brussels

Belgium has built itself quite a reputation on the fashion scene, and boasts a number of internationally acclaimed homegrown fashion schools. This weekend the students of Brussels’ La Cambre will show off their creations on the runway again in what’s become known as one of the biggest fashion events of the year – especially if you’re in the business of talent spotting. Expect fresh, daring and cutting-edge collections.

From 8th to 9th June
Halles de Schaerbeek, Rue Royale Sainte-Marie 22 Koninklijke Sinte-Mariestraat
1030 Brussels

Liars, Brussels

Brooklyn has become quite a treasure trove for talented indie bands these last few years – think Yeasayer, MGMT, Friends, Dirty Projectors… and, well, here’s another one in the form of Liars, though these guys have been around for quite a while already. The three-piece made their debut in 2000 with a crazy mixture of post-punk, noise, pop and minimal funk, paving the way for bands such as punk-funk revival outfits LCD Soundsystem. Radically changing directions with every album, Liars now are back with their sixth record ‘WIXIW’.

9th June
Ancienne Belgique, Avenue Anspach 10 Anspachlaan – 1000 Brussels

Fuse presents Dr Vinyl showcase, Brussels

No, vinyl is not dead, and Brussels’ Dr Vinyl shop is proof of that. This weekend Brussels party-hard spot the Fuse pays tribute to the music institution that has become much more than a mere shop. Dr Vinyl now is a label too, and Saturday’s party will be showcasing some of its protégés, with Bagarre, DC Salas, Ben, Pierre and Deg on the turntables. A long night, promise.

9th June
Fuse, Rue Blaesstraat 208 – 1000 Brussels

Photo Academy Award 2012, Antwerp

Rise and shine: Since 2003, Amsterdam’s Photo Academy has hosted a competition that aims to draw attention to young photography talent from both the Netherlands and Belgium. Giving young unknown artists a chance to both rise and shine, the contest offers students the opportunity to exhibit their work and work together with professionals on their portfolios – something that’s meant to serve as a kick-start to their careers. A great way to discover fresh talent.

Until 16th June
Designcenter De Winkelhaak, Lange Winkelhaakstraat 26 – 2060 Antwerp

Antwerp Academy Fashion show, Antwerp

It’s that time of year again: Belgium’s best fashion design students are showing off their collections on the catwalk. The show at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, a place that’s famous well beyond Belgium’s borders, brings together 6,000 guests from all over the world each year. The pieces on show are the work of students from all levels and will be judged by an international jury. One of the country’s fashion events of the year.

From 7th to 9th June
Hangar 29, Rijnkaai 150 – 2000 Antwerp


With the heady and exciting mix of Brussels’ La Cambre and Antwerp’s Royal Academy annual runway shows, this weekend is all about fashion. To mark the occasion, an exhibition called NU_FASHION #1 will be displaying the creations of the alumni of Antwerp’s fashion department, from Anke Loh, now a professor in Chicago, to Eric Verdonck and Jurgi Persoons in The Hague and Patrick De Muynck in Florence. They (and their students) have all whipped up pieces to interpret the theme ‘identity’ in their own way.

From 7th to 10th June
Red Fish Factory, Helmstraat 139 – 2140 Antwerp

Jeroen Boussier, Ghent

Jeroen Boussier is a former photography student at Ghent’s Sint Lucas school – and that’s about all we know about him. But the small number of fascinating images we’ve been privy to so far have really caught our eye with their sombre, haunting and almost magical landscapes. They’re reason enough to go check out this solo exhibition at Ghent’s Geuzenhuis. You never know. He might just be the next big thing.

Opening 8th June
Exhibition runs until 24th June
Geuzenhuis, Kantienberg 9 – 9000 Ghent

Frans Westers, Ghent

Dutch artist Frans Westers’ soft-coloured, dreamy paintings are all about light and beauty. They also evoke a kind of a sense of forgotten memories and contemplation with a good splash of melancholy. The exhibition, called ‘Landscapes’, at Galerie S. & H. De Buck not only demonstrates Westers’ take on nature, but also includes motifs with an urban influence. Captivating.

From 9th to 30th June
Galerie S. & H. De Buck, Zuidstationstraat 25 – 9000 Ghent

Manor Grunewald, Filip Berte & Sarah Westphal, Ghent

Ghent’s Caermesklooster is currently hosting a group show featuring young Belgian artists Manor Grunewald and Filip Berte, as well as German-born Sarah Westphal. It’s all in the context of the yearly art prize awarded by the region of East Flanders. All three artists explore the theme of places and spaces in the displayed artworks and, in the eyes of the jury, architect and painter Filip Berte does so most convincingly – which is why he’s been chosen as this year’s winner.

Until 17th June
Caermersklooster, Vrouwebroersstraat (Patershol) 6 – 9000 Gent