Samuel Francois & Hell’ O Monsters, Brussels

Two in one: Brussels’ ALICE Gallery is about to host a double exhibition and it’s all kicking off this Thursday. They’ll be showcasing not only the work of French artist Samuel Francois, but also that of Belgian art collective Hell’ O Monsters’ project Memento Mori. With ‘Open 4 Business’, multi-genre artist Francois explores the urban landscape through installations, drawings, paintings and sculptures, while Memento Mori peddles his magical fantasy world, spiriting us away from today’s gloomy reality and the predicted Mayan end of the world. Twice the fun, so.

Until 7th April
ALICE Gallery, Rue du pays de Liège 4 Land van Luikstraat – 1000 Brussels

Editing Room, Brussels

Label Architecture, Michigan Films and pleaseletmedesign (who, together with Face to Face, are the graphic design geniuses behind The Word’s signature layout), all share one big office space in St. Gilles in Brussels. From time to time, this work space morphs into an art gallery, as will be the case once again this coming Thursday. The concept? Every two months, artist Grégory Decock, who’s in charge of programming, invites another artist to do their worst. This time it’s the turn of ‘Editing Room’, a showcase of video installations by Dimitri Carez. You are invited.

Opening 15th March, 18h00-21h00
L’Amicale, Rue d’Andenne 1 Andennestraat – 1060 Brussels

Futures, Brussels

What does your future hold? Perhaps, this weekend at least, it holds this: Artiscope will be presenting the creations of fifteen different artists from all corners of the world, combining older pieces with very recent ones, some of which have been exclusively created for this exhibition. The common theme is ‘the future’, which they all have a go at exploring, revealling, at times, their despair at others’ hopeful visions of what lies ahead. What makes this show special is galerist Zaira Mis’ close relationship to the artists – creating a rare sense of intimacy and density between the artworks. Featured artists range from American icon Robert Rauschenberg, pioneer of the pop art movement, to renowned Belgian artist Bob Verschueren.

Until 29th June
Artiscope, Boulevard Saint-Michel 35 Sint-Michielslaan – 1040 Brussels

Charles Sandison, Brussels

Instead of using computers in a utilitarian way to create art, in the fashion of video artists, Scottish-born Charles Sandison, who lives and works in Finland, investigates their technological mechanisms and incorporates them into his artworks. Sandison, part of a generation of artists who have their roots in post-minimalist sculpture and conceptual art, is fascinated by mankind’s relationship to ‘our technological souls’, as he calls them, and how their presence changes people’s world views. The works showcased in this exhibition explore the different forms language can adopt. After all, the colour within the matrix of a computer is not a colour – but merely a code.

Until 29th June
Baronian Francey, Rue Isidore Verheydenstraat 2 – 1050 Brussels

Salvo group show, Antwerp

Centered around the interactive installation ‘gun shot’ by award-winning Belgian artist Kris Vleeschouwer, this eclectic group show unites artists from all over the world and across all genres. With conceptual art, video installations, paintings, drawings and sculptures from England to Japan, it makes for a very exciting mix, a strange cocktail that appeals to the eye in a number of different ways. As gallery owner Annie Gentils puts it: “Group shows are just more fun!”

Opening 15th March
Exhibition runs until 15th May
Annie Gentils Gallery, Peter Benoitstraat 40 – 2018 Antwerp

Venice in Solitude, Antwerp

For many, Venice symbolises a romantic, mythical place, a city that dropped straight from a dream. For his second solo show at Fifty One Fine Art Photography in Antwerp, German photographer Christopher Thomas explores the myth of this Italian city with his large-format Polaroid camera as his weapon of choice. An award-winning photo artist (who has been published in highly reputed German magazines like GEO, Merian and Stern), Thomas is a sucker for urban landscapes: like he has already done with his hometown, Munich, as well as the city of all cities, New York, he has once again managed to present a metropolis from his own angle, always managing to evoke a feeling of desolateness, tranquillity and beauty.

Opening 15th March, 18h00
Exhibition runs until 5th May
Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Zirkstraat 20 – 2000 Antwerp

Madball, Antwerp

American band Madball are legends on the New York hardcore scene, thanks to landmark releases like 2007’s ‘Infiltrate The System’. Now the iconic group, formed back in 1988, bring their distinctive sound to Antwerp’s Trix as part of their Rebellion tour. They’re joined on stage by H2O, the creators of melodic hardcore, blending all the rage of NYHC with catchy punk rock tunes. Italian band Strength Approach, Portugal’s Devil in Me and Australian Deez Nuts complete the line-up. Don’t miss the chance to see a true legend live on stage, an find out what hardcore is all about.

16th March
Trix, Noordersingel 28 – 2140 Borgerhout/Antwerp

Nicolas Van Kerckhove, Ghent

Belgian artist Nicolas Van Kerckhove, a graduate of Brussels’ renowned La Cambre art school, paints a rather sombre picture of the world we live in. Don’t get distracted by all the bright and luminous colours – the subjects he touches are dark and darker. Kerckhove’s works, inspired by old photographs found at flea markets as well as  images plucked from the internet, predominantly deal with the faults of the society we live in, from over-consumerism to a perceived lack of values. It’s poetic and thought-provoking, all at the same time.

Until 1st April
Zebrastraat, Zebrastraat 32 – 9000 Ghent