Christopher Coppers, Brussels

Brussels-based cut-up artist Christopher Coppers has a thing about ripping up magazines. Whether carving out a new cover for them, stripping out their souls to give them a new life or shredding their pages to use as coating for other objects, Coppers reworks and revisits magazines with his signature, destructive touch. Although his latest work has taken somewhat of a political stance – he recently set about recreating the G8 countries’ flags using nothing but shredded magazine pages – Coppers retains his uncanny ability to infuse his work with a light-hearted irony that, really, is the single reason we like his work so much. Maybe that’s why we once asked him to recreate our very own flag.

Opening tonight at 17h00
Exhibition runs until 25th February
Bodson Emelinckx, Rue de Henninstraat 70 – 1050 Brussels

The Criime and Asura, Brussels

The Criime, a Brussels-based tribal-infused, tech-house two-piece from Luxembourg founded by Andrea Mancini and Fabio Picariello in 2009, have stirred quite some attention of late with the release of their debut EP ‘Fidji’ (released on Finnish label Top Billin). Confirming its place amongst the city’s nightlife circuit, newcomer Mr Wong puts on a night which pairs the fresh-faced duo with Parisian DJ project Asura (think sombre and melancholic beats). Their fourth album, ‘360’ came out in 2010 on Ultimae Records. Get your dancing shoes on because this one promises to be long.

Tonight, at 22h00
Mr Wong, Rue de la Vierge Noire 10 Zwarte Lievevrouwstraat – 1000 Brussels

Tomas Alonso, Brussels

“I would like my objects to be used, lived with and enjoyed,” says designer Tomas Alonso about his work. Accordingly, his pared-down designs combine functionality and practicality with a quirky elegance. By working with different materials in an original way, the Spanish-born, London-based designer explores structure and form whilst eliminating all unnecessary elements. This exhibition puts forward some of Alonso’s most recent works, such as his Mr. Light series of lamps, and makes good his reputation for down-to-earth, pragmatic  furniture-making. It is no surprise, then, that his works have gained a place in London’s Design Museum‘s permanent collection. Not to be missed.

Until 5th February
Victor Hunt Gallery, Rue Lambert Crickxstraat 16 – 1070 Brussels

Zero Gravity Revolt, Brussels

‘Zero Gravity Revolt’ is more than just your ordinary exhibition. The works of Moscow-based artist Nikolay Oleynikov, part of the Russian collective Chto Delat, are based on bringing people together from different backgrounds and disciplines and building temporary communities that actively participate in the creation of the artwork. The end result is a mural juxtaposed with sketches, scripts and research material stemming from countless group meetings. The subject: early Soviet science fiction from the 1920s. Subversive and thought-provoking, Oleynikov’s didactic murals are always influenced by surrealism, punk culture, comics and the Soviet monumental school.

Until 11th February
Zero Gravity Revolt, Avenue Van Volxemlaan 295 – 1190 Brussels

Chilly Gonzales, Brussels

Grammy-nominee, world-record holder (longest ever piano play), prodigy producer, versatile vocalist. It’s fair to say Canadian-born, Paris-based Gonzales (whom we interviewed back in May 2011, read the interview here) has more than a talent up his sleeve. And, following his cancelled show on 22nd December, he’s (finally) back in Brussels touring his latest album: ‘The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales’. Expect lots of laughter, wit and a good dose of playful arrogance.

22nd January
Botanique, Rue Royale 236 Koningsstraat – 1210 Brussels

Ben Murphy, Antwerp

The building of the United Nations‘ headquarters near New York City’s East River is without doubt an urban icon and an obligatory stop for all visitors to the Big Apple. Only a handful have been able to venture inside the building though, which adds to its sense of mystery and general aura. Over a period of 15 months, British photographer Ben Murphy had the opportunity to capture its hidden spaces on film, creating 100 images that in a way reveal a sublime and melancholic beauty on the backdrop of power-broking corridors.

Until 26th February
Stieglitz 19, Klapdorp 2 – 2000 Antwerp

From Back Home, Ghent

Anders Petersen and JH Engström are two of Sweden’s leading and most important photographers. The exhibition ’From Back Home’ is the result of a seven-year long collaboration between the two. From 2001 up until 2008, the pair photographed the Värmland region, a barely-populated region in Sweden from which they both originate. Their resulting captivating, melancholic and slightly dark pictures pay tribute to the people, places and landscapes of their childhood. A fascinating and very personal journey down memory lane.

Until 29th January
ZebraStraat, Zebrastraat 32 – 9000 Ghent