Normann Copenhagen Pop up Store, Brussels

With the end-of-year, Christmas shopping spree about to begin, Brussels-based design hotstop La Fabrika dedicates an entire space to the playful, innovative and often surprising world of Danish design imprint Normann Copenhagen. Open until the end of the month, the pop up shop features the Scandinavian designers’s entire collection, unique for its ability to challenge conventional design rules and use traditional materials whilst retaining a certain unpretentiousness.

From 1st to 31st December
La Fabrika, Rue A. Dansaertstraat 182, 1000 Brussels

Robert Devriendt, Brussels

Robert Devriendt’s miniature oil paintings tell intimate stories by showing fragments of people, animals, landscapes or spaces which greatly resemble film stills. With his special attention to detail and precise, realistic painting technique harking back to the Flemish Primitives, he creates an intriguing world full of sensuality. A fetishist, a young girl, a blood stained dog, a taxidermist – these and other figures make regular appearances in his at times obscure and gloomy series of work, set in a natural decor with Devriendt slipping into the role of a hermit living an insular life in the woods. Fittingly, the exhibition The woods of love and horror, which bears resemblance to an unfinished film, is inspired by murder mysteries and crime thrillers.

Until 23rd December
Galerie Baronian Francey, Rue Isidore Verheydenstraat 2, 1050 Brussels

Depth of Field, Antwerp

Playing around and mastering the depth of field is probably rule number one of the dummy’s guide to photography. Indeed, the distance between the nearest and farthest subject or object in your composition – that magical effect that is achieved through adjustments to your optical lens – often is the best way for a photographer to balance the relevant with the superfluous, then and there deciding what, to him, should be in focus, and what deserves to be relegated to the background. Drawing upon the creme of the crop of current Belgian photographic talent (everyone from Bert Danckaert, Lara Gasparotto, Francois Goffin, Jimmy Kets, Charlotte Lybeer and Arno Roncada), the exhibition showcases the myriad of possibilities when experimenting with depth of field emphasising the dialectical connection between the sharp and the blurry whilst reviving the notion of the photographer as a painter-photographer.

Until 24th December
Stieglitz 19, Klapdorp 2, 2000Antwerp

Serge Strosberg, Antwerp

Antwerp-born, New York-based artist Serge Strosberg’s works draws upon the city’s energy and very much evolves around the fashion world – a world he is no stranger to following previous collaborations with art directors for Elle and Vogue. Combining German expressionism with American realism, the self-proclaimed Expressionist of fashion captures models by revealing the less glamourous side of the beauty business. His vivid depictions – portraits that owe as much to photography as they do to painting – touch upon themes of materialism, narcissism, voyeurism and uniformity, making Strosberg’s unique vision particularly relevant in today’s fashion-frenzied society.

From 2nd to 23rd December
Galerie Ludwig Trossaert, Museumstraat 29, Antwerp

Pop/Zuid Pop up Store, Antwerp

From books, accessories and cosmetics to clothes and shoes, this temporary designer outlet offers everything the avid shopper can wish for. An eclectic selection of all the right brands offers a varied choice guaranteed to lay any fashion fiend’s end of year frustrations to rest.  With collections by Jil Sander’s and more playful pieces from Paul & Joe sister or Chloe’s See line, the pop up outlet store remains open until the end of January and remains your best shot yet at making an impression on a shoestring.

Until 31st January
Pop/Zuid, Scheldestraat 72, 2000 Antwerp
Thursday to Saturday and Monday, 11h00 – 18h00

Andy Butler and Jeremy Glenn, Ghent

Having done more than anyone in bringing some disco cool back to the dance floor with his Hercules & Love Affair crew (check out their newest album ‘Blue Songs’ released on Moshi Moshi earlier this year), New York DJ Andy Butler has since become the unofficial spokesman for a generation of nostalgic club music lovers. Playing a DJ set and supported by Toronto-based Jeremy Glenn (We Play House), expect a night of suggestive danse moves and sexy-hot dance grooves.

2nd December
Vooruit, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23, 9000 Ghent

Lineart Art Fair, Ghent

Often living in Art Brussels’ shadow, Lineart has nonetheless carved out a niche for itself as the art fair for the studious. Concentrating on contemporary art, modern and ethnic paintings can be found next to design items and sculptures. Celebrating its 30th birthday, this year’s edition comes with a special focus on Japan, as well as a newly established photography section, Photo Art Zone. Also not to miss: Belgium Calling, a section showcasing Belgian artists as well as The Border which gives young and upcoming artists the chance to shine.

From 2nd to 6th December
Flanders Expo, Adolphe Pégoudlaan, 9051 Ghent

Jasper Johns, Oudenbourg

Located in the Belgian countryside, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city-slicking art scene, the De 11 Lijnen is a special place that puts on special exhibitions, a fact confirmed with its latest exhibition which shows works from world-famous contemporary artist Jasper Johns. World-renowned for his famous painting of the US American flag, Johns paved the way for pop artists such as Andy Warhol through his technique of capturing everyday, ordinary objects onto the canvas. One aspect of Johns’ career that often went unnoticed was his use of hand prints as artistic medium, first accidentally in studies for a sculpture, later as a focal point in many important pieces of his oeuvre. This exhibition now presents Johns’ works from a different angle, focusing on these hand prints that sometimes remind the viewer of prehistoric cave paintings and undoubtedly add to the mystery around his pieces.

Until 11th February 2012
Foundation De 1 Lijnen, Oudenbourg