Last days to catch: Harry Gruyaert

Photography Harry Gruyaert/Magnum Photos

In what essentially is a mini-retrospective, Brussels photography outpost Box Gallery showcases about 50 prints from Belgian photographer Harry Gruyaert, a member of the legendary photo agency Magnum since 1981. Combining standard-setting classics with smaller and unexpected surprises, all photographs were handpicked by the artist himself, with the exhibition including pieces from his acclaimed series of distorted TV screens. With a special focus on the subtleties of lights and the power of colour, Gruyaert’s work has for the last 30 years stayed clear of any cliches, constructing a unique body of work that sits somewhere in between Stephen Shore‘s realism and Eggleston‘s experimentations.

Until 26th November
Box Galerie, Rue du Mail 88 Maliestraat, 1050 Brussels

Boris Tellegen

Photography courtesy of A.L.I.C.E Gallery

A visual artist since 1983, Dutch-born Boris Tellegen (also known as Delta by his street-savy peers) first began as a graffiti artist in and around Amsterdam, going on to build up quite the name for himself across European shores through his use of 3D techniques. Having now graduated to the world of studios and galleries, his current work still exudes the energy and spark of his graffiti years (the geometrical and three-dimensional nature of most of his works remains) although it has gained in maturity as far as the execution, and, most importantly, the narrative are concerned. His works tell a story now, come to life and battle for attention: it’s not always easy to look at Tellegen’s work, although that only adds to its sheer power and immediacy.

From 24th November to 23rd December
Alice Gallery, Rue du pays de Liège 4 Land van Luikstraat, 1000 Brussels

Valerie Snobeck

Photography Isabelle Arthuis

A study in the extent to which transparency can be stretched to its limits, New York-based artist Valerie Snobeck’s ‘Block Optic with Rope’ show at Galerie Catherine Bastide tests the meaning of seeing an object as well as seeing through it. Playing on perspectives, contrasts and illusions, Snobeck pits front against back and positive against negative in an ongoing battle of solid vs static, the end result often leaving the viewer asking for more. Indeed, the artist blends and mends opposing forces into works of art made all the more confusing by her ‘print-laminate-peel-transfer’ technique that transposes ghost-like outlines to bewildering effect.

From 25th November to 21st January
Galerie Catherine Bastide, Rue Vandenbrandenstraat 1, 1000 Brussels

Our white album release party

Our last edition of the year, the white album, comes out on Friday 25th November. It features artists talking about their fear of the blank canvas, professions that still wear white aprons at work and the oldest tennis club in Belgium (members are required to wear white). It also features a snow globe collector, a tribute to white socks and an interview with White Russia (the band whose song, Charmless State, was used for the teaser). Come on down, get your copy, have a Volga (Brussels’ latest beer) and a little boogie (Nosedrip‘s on decks). It’ll be fun.

Join the Facebook event page here.

25th November, from 19h00.
Galerie Catherine Bastide, Rue Vandenbrandenstraat 1, 1000 Brussels

Autumn Falls Festival

Reading like a rollcall of indie rock’s current cream of the crop (everyone from Suuns and Metronomy to Matthew Herbert and Fool’s Gold), Autumn Falls‘ second edition comes back with an ever bigger line up, overtaking the city’s live venues for a five day rampage. Our favorite this weekend are Suuns, probably the darkest (and loudest) thing to come out of Canada lately. The four-piece known for its intense live shows offers a hypnotic, pitch-black sound characterised by pulsating beats, howling sirens, shouting guitars and lead singer Ben Shemie‘s whispering vocals. Gloomy but nonetheless dancefloor-worthy, this will delight the fans of Can and Talking Heads alike. We have five tickets to give-away for the afterparty on Saturday 26th at Mr Wong with DJs Deer Pony and MOT. The first five readers to send an email to with Autmn Falls After party in the subject line will each be added to the guest list.

From 21st to 27th November
24th November
Suuns @ VK, Rue de l’Ecole 76 Schoolstraat, 1080 Brussels

26th November
Roll Dice and Autumn Falls Afterparty @ Mr Wong, Rue de la Vierge Noire 10 Zwarte Lievevrouwstraat, 1000 Brussels

Bozar Night

Following its Bozar Electronic Weekend end of October, electronic music comes back to haunt the Bozar‘s halls for a night at the museum guaranteed to be high trebbles and bass. Top of the bill are live performances from London-based jazz rap band The Herbaliser and Legowelt.

25th November
Bozar Centre of Fine Arts, Rue Ravensteinstraat 23,  1000 Brussels


You could say a page is about to be turned on Saturday with what is the Catclub’s last edition in its traditional hunting ground of iMal. Putting on one heck of a show to ensure it goes out at the top of its game, the night’s line-up is headed by legendary German tastemaker DJ Ata, founder of the Playhouse, Klang and Ongaku labels, owner of the famous Robert Johnson club in Frankfurt and on the DJ trail since the 80s. Add to that Brussels-based duo The Criime as dance-floor warm ups and New York-based artist Tara Sinn for visual works and smiles, smiles and more smiles are guaranteed all around.

26th November
iMAL, Quai des Charbonnages 30 Koolmijnenkaai, 1080 Brussels

Maison Martin Margiela@Bozar shop

Mixing high and low has always been one of Maison Martin Margiela’s signature contributions to the fashion world. Their Ligne 13 – dedicated to objects and publications – has a poetic and timeless feel to it, one which escapes seasonal constraints to focus instead on surrealistic items which are given the MMM cachet. It references the past, yes, but without taking itself too seriously. Like its ostrich feather pen. It’s slightly on the outlandish side and elicits the odd incredulous look or two at first. Then it suddenly reminds you you haven’t received a handwritten letter in yonks, and then and there an ostrich-feathered pen might just be the thing you need to get you to put pen to paper again. Under the theme “White Christmas” the Bozar Shop now has a selection of mainly white MMM objects in offer – from the feather pen to snowballs, a cotton calendar or Matryoshka dolls.

Monday to Sunday, 10h00 until 19h00
Bozar Shop, rue Ravensteinstraat 15, 1000 Brussels