Pierre Besson, Brussels

Thirty years ago, French artist Pierre Besson was a sculptor. These days he busies himself as an overlord of illusion. His artificially constructed and meticulously fabricated images are based on installations built from everyday objects, particularly bits of computers. In one instance, Besson uses the carcass of a computer to help him create the image of a futuristic building, blending aspects of architecture, sculpture and photography. In this artificial and deserted world, he exposes today’s technologic excess and questions our future whilst skillfully mucking around with perspectives, a technique that reminds us at times of Renaissance paintings, Braque or Picasso. Heavy stuff.

Until 3rd March
Joye Gallery, Chaussée de Vleurgat 125 Vleurgatsesteenweg – 1050 Brussels

Catclub, Brussels

A new era is nigh: Catclub kicks off the year in a brand new venue, a big-ass loft in Brussels Forest that can host an even bigger crowd than before – a move that had to come sooner or later, judging by the sets-appeal of upwardly mobile South African whippersnapper Culoe De Song on the decks. His Deep House-inspired Afro-Beat, characterised by tribal vocals and hypnotic thumps are set to keep you up all night. Support by Brussels-based DJs Soumaya Dancemachine and Ben Marzys. A late one, guaranteed.

4th February
Catclub, Studio 2, Avenue Van Volxemlaan 14 – 1190 Brussels

ProPulse Festival, Brussels

Belgium’s knee-deep in talent, and ProPulse Festival, a “do” organized by the Performing Arts Federation of Wallonia-Brussels, is the new place to parade it. Replacing the well-known Boutik Rock and EntreVues, this is the latest hot date for up-and-coming bands and theatre and dance artists, hooking them up with agents, managers and others from the professional art community for six days on the trot. This weekend’s events are all about music, with Friday night dedicated to pop (from Kupid Kids to Applause), while Saturday occupies itself with Belgium’s most promising electronic acts, including Squeaky Lobster, Ssaliva and Glÿph, to name but a few. In ten years you can tell your mates “I was there when (insert band name here) were just a weirdo garage band nobody had heard of.” That could be nice.

3rd and 4th February

Atelier Solarshop, Antwerp

This is a good one. Antwerp’s Atelier Solarshop, a creative nerve centre for young artists and designers, is hosting a four day pop-up shop, selling vintage furniture and design bits and bobs. In its 7th edition, the shop offers a sumptuous selection of pieces rooted in Scandinavian industrial design, together with some hand-picked contemporary objects and army treasures. To spice up the shopping experience, they’re bringing out the booze on Friday, with a special cocktail night starting at 19h00. Featured designers include ANVE and Stephanie Schneider to HUI-HUI, Jan-Jan Van Essche and more.

From 2nd to 5th February
Atelier Solarshop, Dambruggestraat 48 – 2060 Antwerp

Dubieus Design, Antwerp

Only 60 meters away from Atelier Solarshop there’s an even bigger vintage shopping mecca: For the fourth year in a row Designcenter Winkelhaak is hosting the winter edition of their annual design fair. The centre will be flogging curiosities, collector’s items and design classics dating from the fifties and onwards – a feast for vintage fetishists. Buying chairs as an investment may sound a bit strange, but we think it guarantees a bit more excitement than keeping a close eye on the boring old stock market. And what’s more: this year’s fair includes a special vinyl sale on Friday. Step this way, music nerds and nerdettes.

Designcenter Winkelhaak, Lange Winkelhaakstraat 26 – 2060 Antwerp
From 3rd to 4th February

Heartbreaktunes presents LA DISPUTE vs. FORMER THIEVES vs. DEAFHEAVEN vs. HIEROPHANT, Antwerp


Three Americans and an Italian walk into a bar… or, three US bands and an Italian one walk into a youth centre in Antwerp, and pursue a dodgily loud evening of punk, exploring the range from hardcore and shoegazing to post-rock and black metal. Whilst American five-piece La Dispute wax delightful with a peculiar mixture of emotional introspectiveness and dynamic punk attitude, Californians Deafheaven make you think of My Bloody Valentine, shifting constantly between ugliness and beauty. Italians Hierophant are here on their mission to prove, once and for all, that punk is defo not dead. A dark, loud affair, and not for the tender-eared.

3rd February
Kavka, Oudaan 14 – 2000 Antwerp

ITAL, Dynooo vs. Cupp Cave, Ghent


Introduced to Ghent by independent music platform Subbacultcha!, Daniel Martin-McCormick is set to fill the weekend stage with solo project ITAL. Conserving some of the musical mannerisms he acquired as a Sex Worker or as one half of Mi Ami, the New York producer wallows in classic house and techno. Challenging his audience with dissonant sound and unconventional structure, Martin-McCormick specialises in long, stretched-out synth sweeps and walls of feedback. Like many of his colleagues on 100% SILK records, ITAL takes pride in blurring the boundaries between artistic creation and dance music. As a special treat just for you, bustling Belgian producers Cupp Cave and Dynooo will join in for a riveting live set, merging slow tempo techno, atmocore and broken house.

5th February
DOK kantine, Koopvaardijlaan – 9000 Ghent