The Word Magazine All*Stars: Max and Randa

Shoes say more about you than any of the rest of your wardrobe picks. And sneakers say even more. Crispy-clean white sneakers will tell you the dude’s a maniac, walking around town with a toothbrush in his pocket just in case he dirties them. Custom-made sneakers with stitched-on punk memorabilia tell you she’s a rebel soul at heart, intent on making her voice heard. Muddy, near-crumbling ones with holes in the front and cracks in the soles will tell you he’s a doer, more preoccupied with living and leaving a mark than letting life pass him by. Truth is, shoes keep it clean, sneakers get down and dirty. And, to prove our point, we’ve teamed up with Converse and selected a few favourite figures who live by their sneakers and the stories they have to tell.

Randa Wazen

Guitarist, Bierges

randa conv

I bought this pair in New York in late 2010 and have literally been wearing them ever since. I guess that explains why they’re so grubby and worn out. They really are my gig and festival sneakers. They could write a book. Like the time we hung out with Julian Casablancas and Pete Doherty at Les Ardentes. We were working on this art project at the time and had to give them a disposable camera to play around with. Pete loved the idea. He took the camera on stage and asked the crowd to strike a pose. The place went nuts. Unfortunately, Pete being Pete, he lost the camera and we never managed to see the actual pictures. 

Max Colombie

Lead singer, Oscar & the Wolf


The last time I bought a pair was seven years ago and I’m still wearing them today. I love when they’re dirty and ripped. They first need to go through a whole process for me to actually wear them. I got a pair of new dark red ones as a gift last year and I put them in the driveway and drove over them with my car to make them look dirty. It makes them look alive. Unfortunately, I lost my white ones on stage last year. Funnily enough, it was when we played at converse Nights.