The Word turns five: The pictures (Part 1)

Friday night was epic. The oversized disco ball hanging above the dance floor, the bump-and-grind dance moves, the ‘throw-your-hands-in-the-air-and-wave-them-like-you-just-don’t-care’ vibe and you, the country’s beautiful people. Thanks for turning up in throngs to celebrate our five-year anniversary with us and see you in 2018 for the big ten. 

An extra special thank you goes out to the following people for their love and support before, during and after the party: Sarah (for charging through the packed dance floor with crates of dirty long drinks to clean), Pauline (for the post-party floor-scrubbing), Raya (for manning the archives), Charline (for being the straight-faced guardian of the entrance), Theophile and Valentin (for their splendid archive shelf and photo-book booth), Vincent and Camille (for the truly lovely little oasis they created and their origami-ed Words), Pieterjan Ginckels (for lending us his HUMAN DISCO BONG), BShirt (for the collaborative staff sweaters), Yassin (for playing delivery man all of Friday and Monday), Grégoire and Lara (for snapping up the night’s vibe), our four barmen and barmaids (for staying cool-headed) and, last but not least, the bands and DJs (Mountain Bike rocked the place the fuck out and Onda Sonora got the dance floor going wild).