The Word Magazine in Antwerp – The photographs

Although it got off to a somewhat shaky start, it turned out to be one of the best Word parties we ever hosted. The food, the venue, the music, the drinks (the drinks!), the people, the vibe – everything fell into place just perfectly. We even played submarine with faces we hadn’t seen in ages (that’d be you Pholoso). Thank you to all our sponsors (Vedett, Jack O’Shea and Trafik), the record selectors and music-makers (Onda Sonora, Aimé le Chevalier and Internal Sun for their mesmerising live show), the lovely people who helped behind the bar, barbecues and Tipis (Antoine, Sarah, Charline, Yassin, Gwen and Joke) and In Aanmaak, who couldn’t have been better hosts. Last Saturday was the  first time we set up shop in Antwerp, but it won’t be the last. We promise.