The Word presents Locals Only on FM Brussel and 22tracks.

We’re about to go live on FM Brussel and streaming platform 22tracks with a one-hour weekly radio show and monthly playlist respectively. Focusing on the best music emerging from the country’s underground, the show and playlist will serve as a platform for Belgium’s lesser-known recording artists, acting as a voice for the unheard. From homegrown punk, funk and rap music to psychedelic, electronic and beat music, absolutely every genre goes, save for country and folk music. We’re spreading the word out early to all you solo acts, bands, managers and promoters to make sure we get all the promos we need to start the show with a bang. And here’s what you need to do.

If you’re an up-and-coming Belgian band with a freshly-released Bandcamp EP, a label manager with a new act under your sleeve or an already reputed producer with a new side-project about to see the light of day, we want to hear it. Two choices:

  • Send a digital copy of your release together with its artwork and a short biography of yourself to
  • Send a physical copy of your release to Nicholas Lewis / The Word Magazine, 107 Rue General Henry – 1040 Brussels

No preference for format, although we will say this: we’re true object-geeks and vinyl freaks so anything physical’s always more likely to tickle our fancy ;-)