The review: Black Box Revelation’s My Perception

Photography by Pauline Miko

Given their age (Jan Paternoster is 22 and Dries Van Dijck only 20), Black Box Revelation – a pair of youngsters from the small Flemish town of  Dilbeek – have quite an impressive output to their name: Three albums in three years. With their new record ‘My Perception’, to be released on 3rd October, the band proves once again that it has a knack for composing dirty and powerful guitar-indie-rock that reeks of cigarette smoke, sweat and whiskey. Clearly having its roots in the garage rock of the 60s and 70s, their sound stays surprisingly unpretentious and direct, eschewing the current craze for all things remotely electronic in rock music, preferring instead to keep it real.  “We want to keep it pure. It doesn’t matter if we make mistakes as long as the vibe and atmosphere is great”, Jan explains. From the heavy-duty guitar riffs to the howling vocals and punchy drum sequences: the album does justice to the ‘less is more’ maxim. Ranging from the album’s catchy first single “Rattle My Heart” to the almost psychedelic seven minute-long opus “Sealed With Thorns”, Black Box Revelation remain true to their style, ensuring loyal followers won’t be disappointed – nor surprised. With their raw and heady sound – which often draws comparisons with the Rolling Stones or The Stooges – the Belgian garage rockers certainly do not reinvent the wheel, nor do they pretend to. But, and this is important, what they do, they do well.  With ‘My Perception’ the duo finally wants to take the European success of their 2009 debut ‘Set Your Head On Fire’ and the equally accomplished follow-up ‘Silver Threats’ across the Atlantic ocean. Pulling out all the necessary stops, their intention is more than obvious: The album was recorded in Los Angeles, they teamed up with producer Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures) and an American tour is in the works too. Whether Black Box Revelation’s first official US release will really be able to conquer the States remains to be seen – but they can rest assured in the belief that they’ve definitely conquered their home shores.

Watch the video to the first single “Rattle My Heart”

Black Box Revelation in Belgium:

Eden, Charleroi, 28th October

Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 3rd and 4th November

Ferme Du Biereau, Louvain-La-Neuve, 5th November

Belvedere, Namur, 3rd December

Photography by Charlie De Keersmaecker

My Perception is out on PIAS on 3rd October.

Available from iTunes here.