With just three days to go before our release party this Friday, here are the few words our editor-in-chief opened our latest edition with.

A few years ago, start-up advisor Simon McDermott – who often acts as my unofficial mentor on strategic matters here at The Word Magazine – offered me some entrepreneurial wisdom that, today, sounds more relevant than ever. It went a little something like this: “The moment an entrepreneur hits that breakeven point and, better yet, starts making a buck or two, he reaches a state of Zen that is oh so enjoyable and gratifying.” And, with the recent changes we’ve brought both to the magazine and to the team that makes it, I finally can see what he meant. It took more than seven years (double the time Benoit and myself had predicted when first working on the magazine’s launch), and came with its own share of ups and downs, but, you know, better late than never, hey? That got me thinking about how lucky I’ve been lately, and how so many of my dreams have become reality. I’ve recently kicked a long-standing smoking habit, got involved with an education-focused charity (Out of the Box, which we profiled on page in this edition), started hosting my own radio show (sometimes, with my business partner Guillaume as sidekick), finally moved out of my childhood house and into a new one as well as initiated a residency program for emerging Belgian artists. More importantly to all this though is my son Otis – also affectionately known as baba – and how he has, in the past year or so, grown into such a lovely and soft soul. Seeing my boy come into his own and slowly develop his own personality, his own mind and his own humour has, without a doubt, been the single most rewarding thing ever. E-V-E-R. He too has been incredibly lucky recently. His dream, as is the dream of many boys his age, has been to get a dog. That’s meant weekly trips to the city’s many dog refuges in the hope of finding a dog that needed a home, and would be happy coming to ours. After many such unsuccessful trips though, luck didn’t seem to be on our side and I had to explain to him that these things took time and that he had to be patient. Then, one day between Christmas and New Year, Otis, his mother and I were walking out of the office and bumped into a neighbour who, out of the blue, said “You wouldn’t be looking for a dog would you?” We looked at each other with surprise then answered affirmatively. Next thing you know, he tells us he has 10 puppies in his car and would we want to take a look at them. You can imagine Otis’ eyes…

You see baba, dreams do come true. You just need to sit tight, give life a few nudges in the right direction, be patient (I know that’s a lot to ask of a soon-to-become-six-year-old boyo) and let them come to you. That stands for us adults too.

Oh, and her name is Oprah.

Enjoy this edition and see you in April for our Contemporary Art special.