Catclub catcalls and a date with Daughter. This weekend in Belgium.

Yours in Solidarity, Brussels


Yours in Solidarity is a project by Dutch artist Nicoline Van Harskamp based on the archive of correspondence written by Karl Max Kreuger, a Dutch anarchist. By examining the relationship between politics, speech, language and its role in civil society, the artist explores such recurrent themes as capitalism, human rights, democracy or neo-liberalism. “Though the notion of ‘reanimating the archive’ is all too often a hollowed-out cliché in contemporary art, Van Harskamp manages to use this archival material to create a convincing portrait of anarchy’s proponents,” writes Frieze Magazine.

Opening 6th April
D+T Project, Rue Bosquetstraat 4 – 1060 Brussels

Steven Baelen and Elena Damiani, Brussels


The exhibition La Chambre brings together a selection of works that might appear at a first glance to be very different from one another. Belgian-born Steven Baelen and Peruvian but London-based Elena Damiani come together for an exciting show in which the Elaine Levy Project has managed to facilitate an interesting dialogue between the two – a juxtaposition of Baelen’s drawings with Damiani’s genre-crossing creations. An intriguing encounter.

Opening 4th April
Elaine Levy Project, Rue Fourmoisstraat 9 – 1050 Bruxelles

Off the Wagon, Brussels

Brussels’ De La Charge is perhaps the most exciting thing happening in Brussels’ emerging art scene at the moment. It’s a project run by 12 artists who use the space not only for exhibitions, but also as a studio space. Currently on show are works by Nicolas Bourthoumieux, Dougie Eynon and Noémie Cornier de Vulpian in a fascinating expo called ‘Off the Wagon’.

Until 7th April
De La Charge, Rue Théodore Verhaegenstraat 152 – 1060 Bruxelles

Mario Merz, Brussels

Mario Merz 1

Mario Merz was one of the major figures of Arte Povera, an Italian movement of the ’60s and ’70s that focusses on using organic material and found objects. Merz passed away in 2003, and in their obituary, the Guardian newspaper describes the Italian artist’s materials as ‘ordinary’ and ‘poor’, “both natural and manufactured, to create the most poetic, extraordinary effects.” A recurring theme in his work was the idea of a space without limitations and the existence of a harmonious ‘law of becoming’, something that is very evident in this exhibition.

Until 4th May
Meessen De Clercq, Rue de l’Abbaye 2a Abdijstraat – 1000 Brussels

Sanne Delcroix, Brussels


Last year, Antwerp-based photographer Sanne Delcroix shot a series for The Word Magazine inspired by our special on new beginnings – have a look back at it here. The KASK graduate has now scored a solo exhibition in Brussels’ Vertigo Gallery called  ‘As for why you’re here it’s because when i saw you walking in the park’. “I’m always searching for a narrative. I love to walk around and let the environment inspire new stories,” says the artist.

Until 7th April
Vertigo Art, Rue Haute 271 Hogstraat – 1000 Brussels

Daughter, Brussels

The English indie folk trio just released their debut album ‘If you Leave’ last month and have attracted quite a lot of attention. “This is folk, it’s the fucked-up and fucked-around-with variety. Not too much, though – it’s not the avant-garde side of experimental, just a little moody and electronicised, brooding and ambient,” says the Guardian in describing their melancholic, captivating sound. Now you can experience them live on stage at Brussels’ Botanique.

4th April, 19h30
Botanique, Rue Royale 236 Koningsstraat – 1000 Brussels

Portico Quartet and Uphigh Collective, Brussels

Their debut album, released in 2008, earned them a Mercury Music Prize nomination. “Their latest evolution – more trancey and electrified, with a strong stage presence and pulsing anthems– means Portico Quartet stake claims to territory occupied by Radiohead, Cinematic Orchestra and Efterklang,” the Guardian rightfully gushes. Now you can experience the energetic Londoners live on stage, followed by Belgian imprint Uphigh Collective, who we interviewed for our Grey album here.

4th April, 20h00
Ancienne Belgique, Avenue Anspach 10 Anspachlaan – 1000 Brussels

Catclub, Brussels


Our favourite Brussels party night is back this weekend for the Spring edition, hosted by The Wild Gallery. DJs include Irish, Berlin-based DJ Mano Le Tough, known for an awesome blend of atmospheric house and modern disco gems, and local boy Jimi After, who’ll be presenting his brand new liveset. They’ll be joined by Kong & Gratts, also from Brussels and, of course, resident DJ Lady Jane, for what’s set to be a pumping party…

6th April
Wild gallery, Rue du Charroi 11 Gerijstraat – 1190 Brussels

Hans-Peter Feldmann, Antwerp


“Feldmann, a dedicated archivist, makes a practice of accumulating and assembling everyday objects and images into game-changing arrangements,” is T Magazine’s fitting description of the German conceptual artist’s work.  In 2010, Feldmann was awarded the prestigious Hugo Boss Award, which the artist later exhibited in New York’s Guggenheim – tacking 100, 000 used $1 bills to the walls of the museum. This exhibition, hosted by Antwerp’s Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, features a selection of older as well as newer works, taken from a number of different series.

Until 20th April
Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Verlatstraat 14 – 2000 Antwerp

Echo, Ghent


As varied as their individual artistic practices are, this group exhibition, fittingly titled ‘Echo’, creates interesting interactions, or echoes, between the various works. Marie Zolamian shows installations, Guy Woueté creates sculptures from carved wood and industrial objects, while Marc Rossignol is a performer and Michel Couturier focuses on photography and collages.

Until 14th April
Croxhapox, Lucas Munichstraat 76/82 – 9000 Ghent